Elden Ring


-In this mod you will have the possibility of being able to obtain a greater number of runes to level up faster than normal.It works for version 1.0.9 of Elden Ring

CSV Murger (W.I.P.)

shitty csv merge python script i made in 10 minutesjust read the readme.txt on how to use

Loot animations

Enables a non intrusive loot animation for picking up materials.

The Path Of Pain

just pure pain oh and go into the zip file and go into folder and grab everything in the folder and put it in the mod folder within the same directory as mod engine 2 and You don’t have any poise nor deal any poise damage but enemies can

Enhanced Color and Clarity (ReShade)

This ReShade aims to enhance your experience throughout The Lands Between by adding more color depth and sharpness to the world. While also removing the yellowish tint from the game. Performance Friendly


Welcome on Tracker. Here, the solution that looks at your game without touching the game files. Join the fights and participate in the leaderboard

RNG Lands

My own take on Diablo like loot in Elden Ring. Integrates better movement and gacha system.

Save my good boy

Save Blaidd from his destiny at the end of Ranni questline.