Asian Female and Asian Male

These presets that I've had for a long time, and I have many presets. I finally decided to share the sliders because why not?

windlume s breath

MOD related:NPC:Eula→BlaiddAmber→Ranniplayer:Collei→Godrick Knight suitEula→Blaidd suitAmber→Ranni suitEula`s weapon→Dark Moon Greatsword(I don't know the English of that weapon)

Classes and Starting Gifts

Gives each Starting Class a talisman, adds the 2 cut Starting Classes from the tech test, and replaces all the Starting Gifts to be far more useful.

Patch Repairing

If you add a mod and there are still excess head or face patchs, using this mod can perfectly solve it

Super starter class

The first in a small series of "mini mods" I'm planning to make, all of which will be most likely under the "cheat" section for one reason or another (as they will likely all be very overpowering or at minimum provide bonuses with no downsides).This little mod just gives you an extra starting class to choose from, and a new starting gif