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Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Super starter class, the game is improved. Using the Super starter class Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

The first in a small series of “mini mods” I'm planning to make, all of which will be most likely under the “cheat” section for one reason or another (as they will likely all be very overpowering or at minimum provide bonuses with no downsides).

This little mod just gives you an extra starting class to choose from, and a new starting gif

EDIT: For those who have already downloaded it, or those who are thinking of doing so, keep an eye on the page as I'm working on a little addition to the mod I think everybody will appreciate. Especially my fellow TEiS fans. Work is in progress currently and will hopefully be up in a day or two from adding this update.

First in a series of mini mods in a loose collection I'm putting together, this one focusing on a new Starting class that shows up below the Wretch, along with a new starting gift to choose with it.

**If enough people ask me to I can combine some/all of, (most likely all since it's a lot less work that way) of the 5 mods I've made recently into one complete mod pack, but I wanted them available individually first to test which ones people are actually interested in playing with**

The new class is called Mundane Mann (those who get it will get it). The class starts at level 1 with 20 in every stat, as well as starting with a longsword, all 8 memory stones and all 3 talisman pouches, as well some fashion.

The starting gift is called Giga Rune, and it's what it sounds like. Gives 10 million runes, ~7mil takes you to level 150 so you can get well above meta and still have plenty to buy stuff with. Be careful when you choose to use it though, if you aren't prepared to spend them all at once. There is no replacement.

To see the new starting class, you have to choose one of the vanilla ones first then change the class once in the character edit screen. The gift is also at the bottom of the list so you have to scroll it down to see it. 

Install like any other mod using modengine2, throw the reg.bin and msg folder in your mod folder and you're good to go.


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MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 21 February 2023 8:05PM | Original upload: 21 February 2023 8:05PM | Created by: darknaio | Uploaded by: darknaio | Virus scan: Safe to use


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