Runes Clock Gameplay

Runes Clock

Get 10 runes every 5 seconds: 120 runes per minute, 7200 runes per hour + bonuses. The more you play, the more you gain.
Crucible Knight Duo Gameplay

Crucible Knight Duo

Simple Crucible Knight Duo modreplaces straightsword and greatspears movesets
Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses

Make some bosses more accurate to their God-like lores with new animations and new buffs that clearly changes the flow of the fight.
Simple Godskin Apostle moveset Gameplay

Simple Godskin Apostle moveset

A mod that makes the Godskin Peeler twinblade have the same animations as the boss. Replacer version avilable that replaces all twinblades.
True Carian Sword Knight v2.1 Gameplay

True Carian Sword Knight v2.1

Implemented Carian Sword sorceries into the moveset of Straight Sword. Be a superior spellblade Rogier could never hope to become.
Prime's modpack Gameplay

Prime’s modpack

A combination ofMoveset animation remix by DarkAngel115. Boss Resurrection by Xylozi. More VFX by WrathfulMantis. Accelerated and Hyperarmor Incantations by JOKERMOONBOW.
Re-Worked Beta Gameplay

Re-Worked Beta

A slight overhaul featuring different enemy placements, and passive armor effects.
Difficulty Select Gameplay

Difficulty Select

Basic mod that changes the scaling of the game without adding anything new.
Better Archery Gameplay

Better Archery

Increases various stats for bows and archery talismans to make archery more viable.