-In this mod you will have the possibility of being able to obtain a greater number of runes to level up faster than normal.It works for version 1.0.9 of Elden Ring

The Path Of Pain

just pure pain oh and go into the zip file and go into folder and grab everything in the folder and put it in the mod folder within the same directory as mod engine 2 and You don’t have any poise nor deal any poise damage but enemies can

RNG Lands

My own take on Diablo like loot in Elden Ring. Integrates better movement and gacha system.

Save my good boy

Save Blaidd from his destiny at the end of Ranni questline.

Center Camera On Player

Always center the camera on the player, giving the game a different feeling and making it feel more responsive (atleast for me). Works best with increased FOV

Crucible Knight lite

Until someone openly publishes, a detailed crucible knight moveset mod.i made this wich uses none of the original crucible knight moves other than the ones already availablethe tail only works if you use the spell firstthen you can put the talisman awayif yall want like another version with silurias spear lemmino

Easy Ring

Don't have the time or the patience to Git Gud? I got you covered!

Divine Warrior with (Unlimited everything).

Divine Warrior is mod packed with multiple mods with (UNLIMITED EVERYTHING) in one and i have repacled them with my works . Such as (carian combo + Dreamshadow Scythe + Thunder clap and flash + new Magic and Spell Castings).

Modded Malenia (with unused animations)

This mod was created for players who tired of fight with the orig Malenia and looking for more beautiful fight with her, or looking for new challenge and experience on this boss. The mod adds unused moves, new combos, more RNG, new balance for Malenia and removes many of her AI weaknesses. So, it makes her more aggressive, but still vanilla mostly

Respectable Mantis Blade (Trick Weapon)

"Respectable Mantis Blade" - A mod so respectable you can even play it in front of your parents and they won't judge your taste, for this mod is tastefully done to make the Mantis Blade only slightly more powerful, but adds engaging gameplay mechanics and thoughtful details in the moveset to help you have fun without destroying your retinas!