Balanced Gameplay with No Leveling_No Weapon or Summon Upgrading

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Balanced Gameplay with No Leveling_No Weapon or Summon Upgrading, the game is improved. Using the Balanced Gameplay with No Leveling_No Weapon or Summon Upgrading Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

There are lots of changes, just look at the long description. Adapted idea from my Dark Souls III mod.

The purpose of this mod is to make things easier from a game mechanic perspective, but not too easy. The additions I make are to remove my least favorite parts of these games:

Finding an item and being unable to use it because of your stats (discouraging experimentation).
Your stats determining how much extra damage you do with your weapon (discouraging experimentation).
Having to upgrade every weapon you want to use with upgrade materials to do enough damage in a new area (discouraging experimentation).
Grinding for runes to level up or buy something. Spending too much time worried about leveling.
Hitting late game difficulty spikes (not always an issue but when it is, more grinding)
Taking the easy way out to beat the game instead of diving deeper into the world.
New Game + + ++++ + ++ + +. I don't like it's half ass approach of raising health and damage on the second play-through to keeping players busy. The game is already a 60 hour time investment for new players.

Here is how each of those points relates to a change I made:

Any weapon or spell you pick up has no stat requirements. Spells still have slot requirements.
Scaling for all weapons removed.
Upgrading weapons and summons is not possible, they no longer appear as options when you try to upgrade either of them.

Upgrade materials are useless when you can't upgrade your weapon or summons, so all upgrade materials sell for 128x more runes. To compensate for the damage de-buff of 2. and 3., all enemy health has been decreased dramatically (see picture above titled maxHpRate. The red line is health multiplier curve over the course of the game, the black line is the mod's curve). CharaInitParam Vitality (NPC Health) has been cut in half. Weapon and Magic damage values have remained untouched.

2x more runes from all enemies, 3x more runes from rune items, and upgrade materials 128x sell value as mentioned in above paragraph. As of 1.2 it is impossible to level up (level up cost is higher than max runes that can be held). I have changed the starting class stats to 40 Vig, Mind, End, and 30 for the rest of the stats. This means that in order to play the mod as intended you must start a New Game to have the correct stats to last you the entire game. Also, if you re-spec your stats, just know that you are straying from the intended progression of the mod.
Enemy damage scaling has been drastically changed (see picture above titled physics_magic_fire_thunder_dark_AttackPowerRate. The blue line is damage scaling over the course of the game, the black line is the mod's curve).
Summons have been drastically nerfed or capped at certain values.
All changes from New Game Plus have been removed, there is no difference in enemy health and damage when you start Journey 2.

-Elden ring mod compatibility is limited, especially for mods that both edit regulation.bin. You can try looking up ways to merge the regulation.bin files of two mods but some mods might modify the same parameters and picking what to merge and what not can be time consuming or break the mods. I have decided to provide my mod's regulation.bin merged with another mod called Map for Goblins because I think it's a fantastic and useful mod. All you have to do is follow the Map for Goblins installation instructions and replace their regulation.bin file with the one I merged with my mod. My mod and Map for Goblins doesn't edit any of the same parameters so it works perfectly.

-Download and unzip Mod Engine 2 to somewhere permanent, for example next to your “game” folder for Elden Ring. How Mod Engine 2 works is it loads all the files in your “mod” folder without affecting the vanilla files.
-Download and unzip the mod zip file. Paste the mod “regulation.bin” file in the “mod” folder of Mod Engine 2. Launch Modded Elden Ring by running launchmod_eldenring.bat and start a New Game. All Done!

Thank you for trying my mod! Leave a endorsement if you like it and a post if you have any comments, issues, or criticisms.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 03 April 2023 12:12PM | Original upload: 01 April 2023 5:50AM | Created by: Caelohm | Uploaded by: caelohm | Virus scan: Some manually verified files



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