Eldenlands Remastered (COMBAT REWORK)

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Eldenlands Remastered (COMBAT REWORK), the game is improved. Using the Eldenlands Remastered (COMBAT REWORK) Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

A massive year-old mod meant to turn Elden Ring into a systematically brand new game, while taking some inspiration from MMOs and Traditional RPGs.

Please try to use a brand new save file, it is confirmed that you aren't capable of using an existing save file with this mod.

Due to how big this mod actually is, it can't be merged with mods that aren't  purely visual.

For installing this mod, all you have to do is drag everything out of the “Game.zip” into your game folder and replace if it asks you to.
IF that doesn't work, then drag the regulation.bin out of your mod folder and replace the one inside of your game folder.

A VERY important guide that helps you understand the new combat of Eldenlands.
↪ For more guides, check the “Posts” section of the mod. That should help you.

Hey! This mod gets a lot better when you play it with Seamless Coop!

The Threads of Fate DLC Guide (+11 AWAKENED WEAPONS)

Expansion Roadmap –

Discord Server Link
 (join the server for progress on The Abyss Watchers boss coming soon) – SEAMLESS PASSWORD: ELRemastered

Eldenlands is more so meant to overhaul the game with the purpose of making a spin-off game that uses Elden Ring's engine and the entire Elden Ring and Dark Souls universe, rather than just improving the game to how I see fit, if you want to join the journey of me basically turning the entire game into a brand new version of itself, with patches coming regularly that you have no idea what to expect from but are just in it for the surprise, I'm extremely active in the server and I love communicating with the players. We all would love to have you join us.

Eldenlands is a mod that I have worked on for an incredibly long time, and now following a new release because I ended up shadow-banning the mod for a very long time. But, a brand new expansion released that I have been working on for two months straight. This expansion is called “The Master Within”, and is the second expansion following “Threads of Fate”. The Master Within adds subclasses and successions, inspired by many different MMOs, like Hashashin who has a body made out of fog, using it for evasion and trickery.



  • The way that you build in the game is changed entirely. Rather than trying to mix and match the best things to get the highest DPS, you are now at a higher benefit by having your character truly fit a role. This is because things in the game get stronger when used with other similar things. For example, you can make your character fit a full Snow Witch theme, and be just as strong as someone using a full Hemorrhage build.

  • All of the starter classes in the game have been completely reworked with the intention of having them fit a certain theme or role taken from MMOs. For example, every class now has a starting item and a stat specialization that sets them on the path of fulfilling their role. For example, the “Support” class has access to a stationary healing field that grants flat and % based healing but at the cost of reducing the Support's maximum focus points to only 40% of the original value.

  • Most of the unique drops and pickups in the world have been completely replaced, including all of the Scarab ashes of war, who now drop ashes of war that correspond to an affinity based on what area they are in. For example, basically all scarabs in Altus Plateau drop Sacred and Lightning Ashes of War. Or another example is that most magic is obtained in spell books rather than finding it on the ground. This is to encourage the player to explore everything on the map again and try to 100% the game as there is brand new and replaced content across The Lands Between, creating the feel that you're going in blind again and all you have is past knowledge and notes to guide you.

  • All unique merchants in the world now have completely reworked shops, and will even sell you new items the further that you get into their quests.

  • Every single status effect has been or will be completely reworked, having a different effect. For example, Hemorrhage actually makes them bleed out, Scarlet Rot permanently reduces their physical and fire defense, Black Flame lasts infinitely while also stacking and dealing flat damage rather than % based.

  • The Spirit Summon system is completely changed. All spirit summons can only be used by getting a Spirit-Calling Bell TALISMAN, but they can be used anywhere in the overworld area including the evergaols. Multiple spirit summons have been replaced as well, and are now placed in three different categories that determine the cost. “High Health Cost”, “Medium Health Cost”, and “High FP Cost”. This determines which characters can use which summons.

  • More love to Torrent is shown in this mod, while also balancing him out. Torrent now is no longer practically invincible and requires raisins to feed, but Torrent can be summoned in FAR more areas now. Including: the entirety of both Leyndells, Castle Sol, and Rykard's Arena to name a few.

  • A new type of attack has been added in the game. Named “Unstoppables” and inspired by Sekiro's “Perilous Attack” system, Unstoppables are attacks that go through I-Frames, Parries, and Blocks, while granting the enemy stagger immunity during the attack. The only way to avoid taking damage by an Unstoppable attack is either through proper spacing, or the headbutt mentioned before, where if timed perfectly, make you literally headbutt the attack. This makes you take little to no damage, grants you the opportunity to instantly attack afterwards (called an Unstoppable Counter), and applies a debuff to the enemy that increases the damage they take from all sources by 10% for a few seconds. This headbutt can also be used to EVADE Unstoppable Attacks as well (called an Unstoppable Evade). Over a hundred enemies (including bosses) have an unstoppable attack, EVERY single one custom chosen and manually created rather than it being done with automation. Because of this, each Unstoppable has different timing and will require you to have proper insight to survive them.

  • A complete rework of the Crystal Tear system. The effects of the tears have been reworked, as well as the way you obtain tears have been reworked as well. All crystal tears are now craft able as early as Limgrave, but you need to obtain “Teardrops” to make them. Some Crystal Tears can now stack with themselves, which is indicated by a “0/2” that can be crafted, rather than only one. This allows you to make your builds pretty early on. To get Teardrops, simply go to any place that has a Golden Seed. That is it.

  • A new damage type has been added called True Damage. This is an incredibly rare damage type that represents the true, purified versions of the elements within the Eldenlands universe. Azure Lightning (rebooted ver of Frost Lightning) is the true version of Lightning damage, Magma is the true version of Fire damage, Cosmic is the true version of Magic damage, and Darkness/Abyssal is the true version of Holy damage. True damage always has a minimum number of damage that it will deal no matter what the target is, and it can be increased through positive elemental damage modifiers.

  • A new SYSTEM of attacks has been added into the game calledAttack Reactions. These are effects that are applied to the target when a specific attack hits them, all with a variety of effects. There is: Blind, Burn, Freeze, and Shock. Only Burn is currently in the game, but the rest are being reviewed for balancing so that they don't become too unfair for the player.

  • The entire Ash of War system has been reworked gameplay wise. All AOWs are no longer basically universal with affinity options. For example, or Heavy AOWs can only use Heavy, Fire, and Standard affinity. However, Standard AOWs can use all affinities besides status effects and Quality Affinity.

  • A category above Legendary has been added, which features five new equip able versions of The Elden Ring, each inspired by one of the different endings of the game. A custom helmet has been added instead for the Frenzied Flame ending. These Elden Rings buff your character to the extreme with one drawback, but they take a heavy amount of patience to obtain without actually even grinding for anything. Just a complete path of trusting the process and having the patience. We also have five special roles in the server, one person per role, which can be obtained if you give a walkthrough of your run obtaining an Elden Ring.

  • +11 unique weapons have been added into the game. This doesn't apply to boss weapons though. These so called +11 weapons are named “Awakened Weapons” which is an upgrading system from The Threads of Fate expansion that allows you to use a boss remembrance to upgrade a unique weapon past +10 and with special modifiers attached to it that match the boss remembrance used. This however is incredibly grindy, and is purely optional, more so meant to fit the part of the MMO or RPG community that love that extreme level of grind for great rewards.

  • As time passes, RAIDS will be created and added to Eldenlands. These Raids will be single-player friendly but will be more fun in a party of six in Seamless Coop. Each Raid will have a finishing Raid Boss, which will be inspired by “Inner Bosses” from Sekiro. They will have multiple health-bars, Deathblows, entirely changed combo routes, and fit a theme that branches off of their original character, kind of like a Subclass. For example, The Morgott raid will have him not use any holy armaments and only his sword, but he will have a ton of more sword combos and use his agility to his advantage. Completing a raid will grant you one weapon out of a list, but the weapon will have entirely randomly generated modifiers on it, allowing you to farm the Raid to get the modifiers that you want on the right weapon that you want. Raids will only be available for two weeks before they are removed in an update and rotation for the next will prepare.

  • The way exploration works has been changed as well. Not only do you gain the entire overworld map before you even fight Margit, but the areas are now balanced through tiers rather than each area having drastically different scaling. Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, and Caelid is considered Tier 1 with Caelid being the hardest area. Liurnia, Altus Plateau, and Deeproot Depths are considered Tier 2 with Deeproot Depths being the hardest. Leyndell, Mohgwyn Palace, and Mountaintops of The Giants are considered Tier 3 with Mohgwyn Palace being the hardest. And then there is Tier “???”, which includes Haligtree, Nokstella, Ashen Leyndell, and Ainsel River, which are all balanced independently with no other areas in mind.


QualityofLife Changes:

  • Eldenlands heavily hammers on the idea of removing the whole narrative pushed by FromSoft where a ton of gaps are left in Elden Ring's story from cut content and other variables, by filling them with a ton of head-cannon created by myself or the community. For example, the entirety of The Threads of Fate expansion is centered around the head-cannon that Placidusax is the cause of why Farum Azula is floating in the sky after using the rest of his power as well as trying his hardest to use power from The Dragon God to create a tornado called Infinity, which holds Farum Azula high in the air. The entire expansion implies that Placidusax is trapped within Infinity, unable to leave as it will tear him to shreds by trying to mess with time travel. You can enter Infinity but not leave it, and Placidusax tries many different methods such as accidentally trapping Lansseax within a time loop that prevents her from ever truly dying as a test to see if there's a dragon that can survive Infinity, or pulling Ancient Dragons from the past out of Infinity to see if they can survive it, and they are instead left as ethereal incomplete versions of themselves that roam Farum Azula. Even the custom items in Eldenlands will give lots of information on the custom lore that's placed into the game, whetherhead-cannon like “Infinity”or completelynew lore like “Alchemy”.

  • The distance for locking on enemies and the overall FOV has been increased with varying levels to make the game feel more comfortable to play.

  • A lot of things inside of the regulation.bin have been given clear or semi-clear names to make it easier for people that wish to edit parts of the mod to their liking, as well as including my project file for Animation Studio.

  • The Dectus Medallions and Haligtree Medallions are now unlocked automatically upon starting your game, but you still have to actually reach the lifts to use them.

  • Some areas are unlocked automatically upon receiving a bonfire to reduce drag in the game's progression, for example automatically unlocking the first bonfire in the Academy of Raya Lucaria if the bonfire in front of the gate is unlocked.


Balance Changes:

  • All of the Great Runes in the game have been completely reworked as well. For example Malenia's great rune giving you maximum health per kill at the cost of reduced healing, or Mohg's Great Rune granting a massive damage boost in the presence of blood loss, which stacks with other presence of blood loss effects. All Great Runes are obtained through the remembrance of the boss that they drop from in vanilla.

  • Multiple key items have changed locations, which is listed in the Beginner's Guide.

  • To heavily award players who wish to approach situations with stealth, any attacks that are dealt to an enemy before them actually noticing you will double the total damage dealt. This allows you to wipe low level mobs in areas pretty quickly, and can even be used on some field bosses.

  • Themagic in Elden Ring has been significantly changed. Multiple schools of magic have been swapped from Sorcery to Incantation or vice versa. Not only that, but tons of spells have been changed to either fit a new purpose or just overall be better.

  • A lot of bosses in the game have extra health, with the main-line bosses having a lot more health. This is meant to fit the theme of bloated health bars in MMOs or JRPGs like the Final Fantasy franchise or Xenoblade. To make bosses more fun to deal with and not feel like a total slog, a lot more spectacle has been added to these bosses, such as Godrick being able to airbend his wind after it's shot out, multiple healing sources have also been added as well if you feel the need.

  • The affinities on many Ashes of War have been changed, as well as what weapons that they can be used on. For example, Piercing Fang is now Poison Affinity and the actual hit of the Ash of War applies bonus poison, or Vacuum Slice for example is now Cold Affinity and the actual projectile applies bonus Frostbite, or how Carian Greatsword and Grandeur can now be used on Staffs.

  • Various stats have been changed to fit my goal in how I want building and combat to be used in Eldenlands. For example, you obtain less health from Vigor than you do in vanilla, and it's harder to level up. But you obtain more stamina from the Endurance stat and more focus points from the Mind stat, and all damage scaling stats have their caps raised from 60 to 80.

  • Changes to enemy types have been made. For starters, a new enemy type has been created called Divine. Omens, Ancient Dragons, and every entity related to Queen Marika is considered a Divine enemy type. All sources of Sleep Damage also deal extra total damage to Divine enemies. The “Ancient Dragon” type has been removed, there are now more Undead Slaying sources and they deal far more damage.

  • Many enemies in the world now have permanent innate health regen, which can be negated using Anti-Heal/Grievous Wounds. Each source of Anti-Heal can stack with each other, allowing you to reach 0% through using multiple sources.

  • Multiple items have had their durations increased, such as greases which have all had their durations increased by 50%. Some items though have actually had their durations DECREASED, such as Drawstring Greases and Boiled Prawn.

  • Many weapons have been swapped from Unique to Standard and vice versa. For example, any weapon with innate Scarlet Rot build-up is a unique weapon.

  • Most Spirit Ashes are dropped from the enemy that it summons. For example, Kaiden Sellsword ashes can only be obtained by, well, Kaiden Sellswords. So a lot of ashes can be obtained far earlier into the game.

  • Two different types of passive abilities were given to spirit summons. Phantom Vitality, which grants health regen that stacks every time you or your spirit enter a new area. And then there's Phantom Absolute Defense, which makes the spirit summon take 80% less damage while low on health. Spirits with Phantom Absolute Defense cost FP, while spirits with Phantom Vitality cost HP.

  • A couple weapons have had their weapon type replaced. The Pickaxe for example became a Reaper, and the Cross-Naginata became a Great Spear.

  • Reinforcement multipliers no longer have reduced values for specific damage types. They are now the same across the board, with some being increased, such as Fire affinity offering more Fire multipliers over its physical modifiers. This means that affinities no longer reduce the values of unrelated damage types, and instead just leaves them unchanged.

  • Multiple items have been granted new purposes in their item descriptions, such as Miquella's Needle now having the ability to cure you of Madness completely at the cost of sacrificing health. Additionally though, these items with special purposes can’t be dropped, dropping is also disabled for weapons and armor as well.

  • All of the boss legendary weapons have been changed to be more impactful and practical to use to fit the gap created by not having Awakened variants. Like for example The Godfrey Axe having faster and better light attacks, or Godrick Axe AOW having nearly double the range and creating a wind tornado as well that pushes enemies away from you while reflecting physical projectiles.

  • Occult affinity has been completely reworked. There are now weapons with innate Occult Affinity, which gives them base Arcane scaling(remains on all affinities placed onto the weapon) that only gets heightened even more when placing an Occult or Status affinity on top of it, but all Occult weapons can now benefit from spell buffs and greases. For example, Ghiza's Wheel can now use grease even though it's a unique weapon.

  • Multiple weapons have been given passive abilities that are listed in their descriptions, such as Serpentbone Blade increasing the tick damage of poison for three seconds on hit by 50%.

  • Multiple armor sets have been given passive abilities that are listed in their descriptions, such as War Surgeon granting health regen in the presence of blood loss that stacks per piece worn, or the Snow Witch set granting stacking Frost spell damage and increased duration to Frost Weapon buffs.

  • Damage across the board has been reduced in varying levels to encourage a theme of longevity in fights rather than either dying in one hit to everything in late game or killing bosses in less than a minute in late game with high burst damage. Speaking of burst damage, this does mean that bursting bosses down is practically a dead playstyle, and high damage is done instead through proper itemization and synergy with your build.

  • A lot of the grind in vanilla Elden Ring for crafting has been reduced to encourage more consumable usage. For example, crafting a grease will grant two instead of only one, and there are Alchemy Books around the map that allow you to turn greases into other greases with no extra cost. Resources that are also limited but are needed for certain consumables such as Aeonian Butterflies now have sources where they can be obtained unlimitedly.

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