Fire Samurai

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Fire Samurai, the game is improved. Using the Fire Samurai Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

This mod replaces the moveset for uchigatana (for the rest of the katanas, only the main blows are changed) turning you into a “fire samurai”. Rolls have also been replaced, now you will have “Shunpo” from Bleach instead them.
P.S. game is starting to be too easy, so this mod is exist only for fun.

Fire samurai
 I like fire and also I like samurai so I decided to make a mod that combine these things.
 The mod is replacing moveset for uchigatana (and any katana's main attack (light attacks)) and some player moveset:
  Running now is looks like sekiro's run;
  Now player is moving a little bit faster;
  Rolls have been changed to something like “Shumpo” from Bleach;
  Remade some fire spells: Dagonfire, Aspect of the Crucible Breath.

What about katana's moveset?
 Some attacks have been reverced. Basically all katana attacks were just swapped and refined.
 Player is now beat so much faster, he/she constantly disappears from the enemy's sight and leaves behind afterimages. The player constantly endows his sword with fire (only cometic), in a couple of blows, he also spews flames from the ground (deals damage to enemies): 
  1H 2nd hold R2 (strong attack)
  2H 1st hold R2
  2H 2nd hold R2 (this attack also ignites the sword even if you don't hold R2)
  2H R2 after running
Another changes you can see for yourself.
I also recomend you to install this mod and set: g_JumpMovementMultiplier = 2.0

P.s. sorry for my english by the way. In the future, this mod will get better (when I'm not too lazy), now this is only the very first version of it, which includes only my approximate vision. In the future, I plan to add an Sekiro's stance, change most of the fire spells, and also improve some little things. You can also offer your ideas about mod or give advice, good luck!

*Tae changed: 
 a000 – 1H player movement*
 a010 – 2H player movement*
 a029 – Katana's moveset*
 a467 – Dragonfire*
 a500 – Aspect of the Crucible Breath*

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 02 April 2023 7:43PM | Original upload: 02 April 2023 7:39PM | Created by: ghasdxd | Uploaded by: ghasdxd | Virus scan: Safe to use


Fire Samurai Gameplay

Fire Samurai Gameplay

Fire Samurai Gameplay

Fire Samurai Gameplay

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