Impossible Malenia

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Impossible Malenia, the game is improved. Using the Impossible Malenia Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

Buffs Malenia to the point of being borderline impossible.

This is a mod that buffs Malenia to a ridiculous degree. More damage, more health, quicker and longer combos, a shitload of extra projectiles, etc. 
Oh, and she's also now immune to all status effects and very resistant to all damage types except for physical. 
This fight is so unbelievably difficult that I don't even know if it's possible. I fought this version of her for hours and was never even able to outpace her healing, so if anyone ever beats this I'll be shocked.
In fact, I'll give $5 over Cashapp or Wise to the first person who beats this with video proof and without using cheesy strats.


1. Make sure you've downloaded ModEngine 2 ( Extract ModEngine anywhere.
2. Rename the folder containing the chr and script folders to “malenia” and place it into the ModEngine directory.
3. Open config_eldenring.toml with any text editor.
4. Where it says “{ enabled = true, name = “default”, path = “mod” }” near the bottom, replace “mod” with “malenia” (like this: { enabled = true, name = “default”, path = “malenia” } )
5. Run launchmod_eldenring.bat, and “enjoy.”

Special thanks to katalash for making DSMapStudio and Meowmaritus for making DSAnimStudio.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 13 March 2023 11:32PM | Original upload: 13 March 2023 11:32PM | Created by: twistedgwazi | Uploaded by: twistedgwazi | Virus scan: Safe to use


Impossible Malenia Gameplay

Impossible Malenia Gameplay

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