Lore-accurate Bosses

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Lore-accurate Bosses, the game is improved. Using the Lore-accurate Bosses Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

Make some bosses more accurate to their God-like lores with new animations and new buffs that clearly changes the flow of the fight.

Many bosses in Elden Ring surely lacks lore-accuracy such as the lord of leyndell who somehow stopped the mightest Radahn was nothing but a disappointment that ends even before ending his dialogue, or mightest ancient dragon being the “weakest” among his kins. This mods solve this stupid problems with higher states, added movesets. Also, this mod updates a bit of maps to enhance their lore. 
This mod will considerably increase the difficulty, few bosses will easily one shot you and your spirit summons!

This updates includes following

1. Stat

– Morgott the Omen King 
(10,399 -> 27,092)
His tier has increased from 12(Leyndell) to 23(Mountaintops), making him as strong as other mighty late game bosses

– Radagon of the Golden Order 
(13,339 -> 32,148)
His tier remains the same, and he has been separated from the beast

– Elden Beast
(22,127 -> 39,195)
His tier remains the same, and he has been separated from Radagon

– Mohg, Lord of Blood
(18,389 -> 24,634)
His tier remains the same

– Mohg, the Omen
(14,000 -> 18.010)
His tier has been increased from 22(Sewers) to 24(Farum Azula)

– Godfrey(phantom)
(7,099 -> 18,875)
His tier has been increased from 12(Leyndell) to 23(Mountaintops)

– Hoarah Loux
(21,903 -> 33,715)
His tier remains the same

– Starscourage Radahn
(9.572 -> 17,028)
His tier has been increased from 11(Altus) to 12(Leyndell)

– Lichdragon Fortissax
(12,903 -> 32,381)
His tier has been increased from 12(Leyndell) to 25(snowfield)

– Ancient Dragon Lansseax
(9,087 -> 31,130)
Her tier has been increased from 13(Volcano) to 25(Snowfield)

– Malenia, Blade of Miquella
(33,251 -> 39,947)
Her tier remains the same, her hp at the first phase has been decreased from 18,473 to 12,483, while her second phase has been increased from 14,778 to 27,464

– Beast Clergyman
(10, 620 -> 2,688)
His tier has been decreased from 24(Farum) to 9(Ainsel)

– Maliketh
(10,620 -> 20,585)
His tier remains the same

– Giant guy 
(43,263 -> 20,114)
His tier has been dropped from 23(Mountaintop) to 11(Altus)

– Godrick the Grafted
(6,080 -> 16,668)
His tier has been increased from 5(Stormveil) to 8(North Liunrnia)

2. Change in Map

– greatly nerf annoying enemies such as imps, frogs, ants, dogs etc

– New Bosses 
new bosses includes

Mohg, the Demon of Spurned
It is one of Mohg's greatest phantom that will invade you when you're close to the portal to his dynasty
Shares similar features with Mohg, the Omen but will use blooded spear from the start.
hp; 18,010
tier: 24(Farum)

The Great Disciple of Lansseax
this particular ancient dragon will replace all the ancient dragon(lightning variant) in Farum Azula, and will retreat when he reaches around 75% of his hp.
Before Beast Clergyman, he will appear again where he will not retreat.
hp: 25, 681
tier: 25(Snowfield)

The Fell Twins, Morgott and Mohg
The real fell twins, it is the cursed spirits of Morgott and Mohg that were wondering around the lands between due to their curse, by giving a rest to these spirits you will be awarded with their phantom's ashes.
Each Bosses will use the same movesets as their counterpart
– Morgott
hp: 18,514
tier: 23(Mountaintop)
– Mohg
hp: 13,376
tier: 24(Farum)

Sinh the Slumbering Dragon
The Ancient Dragon that will replace the Great Wyrm.
He will wield Fortissax's lightning spear when he reaches around 50% of his hp
hp: 29,837
tier: 25(Snowfield)

and many more

3. Change in boss fight
– new movesets or buffs that differentiate the boss fight

This includes..

Updated some of his move to have new blood-flame effect in his 2nd phase that has life-steal

Add new move that will buff his hammer to create a massive size of floor explosion(4m24s)

Add new moves that buffs his blade, allowing him to freely use the destined death along with new moves that might one shot you

Elden Beast
He will now buff his sword when he performs elden starts, making his every sword attack to have a wave of gold

Ancient Dragon Lansseax
she will now use a flying glaive attack that nameless one in Farum Azula used as well as Fortissax's lightning spear

Lichdragon Fortisax
Fortissax will summon more lightning in his roars

Mohg, Lord of Blood
he will no longer enters his 2nd phase at around half of hp, instead he will start the ritual when his hp reaches around 15% and will restore around 50% of hp. Added new move that buffs his spear to lifesteal for 60s(4m27s)

he will use Regal roar when he reaches 50% of his hp allowing him to make a earthquake in every move(1m22s)

Hoarah Loux
his roar buff will not only enhance the stomps but also his axe moves, making his boss fight significantly much harder

Mohg the Omen
the sewer Mohg will now enter his 2nd phase when he reaches around 50% of his hp that buffs his spear with blood. 
Added new move that allows him to use his wing when he reaches around 30% of his hp(1m59s)

And many more….

simply put the mod folder into your mod engine file, unfortunately this mod does not support merge files

This mod is the first project that I've ever made, meaning there will be countless flaws. If there is one, I will be grateful to listen to it. Thanks for scrolling down to this part!

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 16 April 2023 1:59AM | Original upload: 16 April 2023 1:59AM | Created by: ddmmdd | Uploaded by: dojin0970 | Virus scan: Safe to use


Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

Lore-accurate Bosses Gameplay

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