Restore Status buildup – Bleed ( Hemorrhage ) Cold Poison etc. when Dual wielding ( power stancing ) 2 weapons to the way it worked before patch 1.07 (increase from 65 to 90)

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Restore Status buildup – Bleed ( Hemorrhage ) Cold Poison etc. when Dual wielding ( power stancing ) 2 weapons to the way it worked before patch 1.07 (increase from 65 to 90), the game is improved. Using the Restore Status buildup – Bleed ( Hemorrhage ) Cold Poison etc. when Dual wielding ( power stancing ) 2 weapons to the way it worked before patch 1.07 (increase from 65 to 90) Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

A simple mod that modifies the “regulation.bin” file to restore the status buildup – Bleed ( Hemorrhage ), Cold, Poison, etc. when Dual wielding ( power stancing ) 2 weapons.
In patch 1.07 in a desire to nerf bleed the devs reduced the status buildup of effects from 90% down to 65% . This mod restores the status buildup back to 90%.

Made for patch 1.08.1 

Modifies the “regulation.bin” file.

In patch 1.07 in a desire to nerf bleed the devs reduced the status buildup of effects from 90% down to 65% and nerfed the Seppukku ash of war. That resulted in the absolute destruction of any build that takes advantage of status buildup effects while using 2 weapons. Bleed builds were not the only ones affected. Cold, poison, scarlet rot builds as well as ones that use multiple effects just became useless. In my opinion that took a lot of the fun things you can do out of the game and was not needed as the nerf on Seppukku was enough to bring bleed builds in line seeing as you can't block when using 2 weapons.

So after some looking around for mod that restored status buildup to the way it was before 1.07 and not finding one, I decided to learn how Yapped-Rune-Bear works and make my own. 

This mod restores the status buildup back to 90% as it was before patch 1.07 and should affects all weapon classes and all individual weapons. If you see a weapon that is not affected please report it. 

If you are using another mod that changes regulation.bin, have your game running a different patch version, or want to fine tune this to your own game (different values, only change some weapons etc,) I will include below the notes I made on how you can edit your own regulation.bin with Yapped-Rune-Bear to achieve the needed result. 

I am mostly posting that because I don't know when/if I will update the mod after another patch gets released and for those of you who want to use your own values. The process is rather simple but time consuming as this changes a lot of values and takes some time to get all of them.


Download Yapped-Rune-Bear. I am using Yapped-Rune-Bear-2_14_1
Go to your game folder and copy your original regulation.bin so you have a backup somewhere
Use Yapped to open the regulation.bin
From the drop menu “Field data” use the option called “import stock field data” to show what the parameters do.
From “Param” section on the left pick “atk Param_PC”

Use middle column to navigate to the needed parameter rows. Each row contains parameters for one attack motion (not a whole attack). If for example a weapon like a spear hits once with basic attack there will be one row for that attack. If an attack hits multiple times like jump attacks from twinblades do, then you will find multiple rows – 1 for each hit of that attack. In this case there will be 6 rows that need to be modified for that one attack.

Attacks that are the same for a whole weapon category are marked as default – [category name]For example in Default – Dagger some of the moves are labeled for their specific purpose, but none of the dual wield moves are.

What needs to be changed usually are the last moves in each category as those are the in most cases the dual wield moves. Exceptions exist!
Some categories have exceptions due to multiple dual wield move sets like axes having multiple completely different move sets.
Unique weapons also have all of their attacks separated.
Number of rows that need to be altered ranges based on actual attack animations but usually around 16 for each move set.

To know what exactly to edit use the right column “Field” and scroll down to the bottom.
You will see a parameter called “statusAilementAtkPowerCorrectRate”
This is what needs to be changed. To know if you have to change it check the value.
If the value is 65 (or lower) you are on one of the correct rows that is for dual wield attacks
To know what number to change it to, look at the parameter below as it indicates damage and they are linked.
It is called “spEffectAtkPowerCorrectRate_byPoint”  
if lower value is 90 then change statusAilementAtkPowerCorrectRate to 90
if lower value is 88 then change statusAilementAtkPowerCorrectRate to 80
if lower value is 50 then change statusAilementAtkPowerCorrectRate to 50
This seams to be the extra hits of the multi hit jump attacks of twinblades and curved swords. Apparently some of those hit for half power.  
Essentially the extra hits do 50% damage and status buildup. This explains why in extreme cases curved swords did more bleed than twinblades.

Some unique weapons also have moves that need to be changed:
All the entries for the Wakizashi appear to be about the unique katana pairing moveset and need to change
The Ornamental Straight sword also have individual entries… although it has no status effects… Weird. 
Next one is Rogier's Rapier.
Pickaxe (it uses the greataxe moveset but its a greathammer so all the moves are unique)
Default-axe is longer than others default categories and has 2 sections for dual wielding
That is because axes have two diferent movesets. Make sure to change both sections of parameters
Line 1504800 starts a section with 65 values but I have no idea what it is for as Yapped does not have it labelled 
Lance section is weird as only one standard weapon exists. I found no entries for default – lance with 65 values, but a lot for Serpent hunter.
Serpent Hunter also has some lines with a number 10 for status and 50 for damage. I set it to 50. 
It seams like the Serpent Hunter is the default weapon moveset and Lance is coded as unique
Line 1802800 starts another unlabeled section between the Lucerne-Nightrider Glave-Golden Halebard section and Guardina Swordspear section
Must be for some unique halebard weapon.
Fist weapons category needs almost all parameters to be changed. The nerf was not supposed to effect them so my guess is those values are only used when you use 2 of the fist weapons instead of using the “paired” mechanic allowing 1 weapon to act as if you have 2. 
Ciper Pata being unique weapon also needs almost all values changed although it has no status effects… ahh the joys of code. 😀
Raptor Talons
Line 2311890 – 2 unlabeled parameters 

Check eleonora poleblade parameters. More specifically the ones unlabeled between the sections labeled as Eleonora
Check rivers of blood perhaps as well

After rivers section there are a bunch other default-[weapon type] sections with 65 number but lower param is also 65.
Perhaps that has no actual use in game and is a leftover from previous games or it is for some other purpose. Have to do more testing to confirm.

Anyway Enjoy and have fun. 😀

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 17 February 2023 7:17PM | Original upload: 17 February 2023 7:17PM | Created by: AVRadev | Uploaded by: AVRadev | Virus scan: Safe to use


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