RNG Lands

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, RNG Lands, the game is improved. Using the RNG Lands Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

My own take on Diablo like loot in Elden Ring. Integrates better movement and gacha system.

Firstly i would like to thanks mod creators:
Lraty – for making Gacha Ring
nacorcb – for making Improved Melee Combat Overhaul (IMCO)
CornflakeRush – for making Diablo Style Loot

Gacha Ring and IMCO are integrated into this mod. You still will have to download IMCO from its mod page to get full experience /missing files.


  • Adds Diablo like loot (common, rare, epic, legendary)
  • 3x cost and 5x duration for casted buffs (some are still missing so its WIP)
  • Gacha system 
  • Adjustment to difficulty, enemies have more hp and deal more dmg. They give a bit more exp.
  • Shuffled spells and spirit ashes

Its balanced out by Imco for more snappier feel of combat and better parry/timed block mechanic.

And by rng loot, so making some builds from rng loot should feel more rewarding.
Gatcha system is here to boost chances of getting loot – contains all rng loot + many ingame items to lower chance of getting best stuff too easly. Cost is 5k runes per wish.

Mod is still in early version, drop rates probably need adjusting. Combat was tested mostly in melee so if you use magic or bow please leave feedback so it gonna help me with balancing for the next version. (Have in mind buff bug introduced for magic in 1.09).
If you have corrupted save error while 1st time loading the game make sure you load to menu in unmodded 1.09 atleast once. This is probably because not all tools are yet updated for 1.09 so even when i use new regulation it still may happen to directly loaded 1.08 saves into 1.09 game. After that it seems to work fine. Backup your save just in case.

Im not sure if full playthru is doable, key items should stay unchanged.
More effects on gear and amulets will come as mod develops.


  1. Mod requires Mod Engine 2 so install it first
  2. Download IMCO and put chr folder from it into mod folder
  3. Download RNG Lands and put it in same folder

Your mod folder for Mod Engine 2 should look like this:
RNG Lands Gameplay

Some background:
This mod is heavly inspired by diablo and diablo style loot mod for ER. Orginal idea was to just make compatibility mod between diablo loot and other mods but i felt like i wont have enough controll over things to make it what i want.

Lraty helped me to get into modding and then i decided to try to write my own loot generator.

Atm loot is full rng – it dont depend on area or enemy.
Because Elden Ring way of assigning loot every enemy have limited loot table and im not sure if its possible to change that.
For 0.1 version its 1 item per 1 item from map drop like chest/fixed item and about 7 items x amount of loot enemy can drop. So if enemy in vanilla can drop full armor set and 1 weapon then in this mod it have loot table of 7×5 items. 

Spirit ashes drops are shuffled.
Spells are too.
Shops are not affected by this. (yet)

Things to do:

  • Loot based on location/ enemies – im still undecided on exact approach, i want mod to be more fun than require u to go to snow area or farum to start creating final build
  • Maybe upgrade system
  • Better drops for bosses – its rng  atm as i dont know how to make them drop more stuff
  • More effects on armor and amulets – im still learning modding for ER so doing more complex buffs will come slowly.
  • Added remaning ashes of war
  • Lore on items
  • Bug fixing and balancing

About compatibility patches or compatibility with other mods – atm i spend my free time improving this mod so untill its much closer to 1.0 i will not help with making it compatible with other mods. 

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 27 March 2023 6:35PM | Original upload: 27 March 2023 5:30PM | Created by: Ecril | Uploaded by: Ecril | Virus scan: Safe to use


RNG Lands Gameplay

RNG Lands Gameplay

RNG Lands Gameplay

RNG Lands Gameplay

RNG Lands Gameplay

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