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Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Super Stat Scaling, the game is improved. Using the Super Stat Scaling Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

Increased / buffed several aspects of scaling regarding stats and the things they affect (Except for damage scaling, that's a whole different thing all together). This primarily affects, well, stats (like HP/FP/Stamina/etc).

Fourth in a series of “mini mods” I'm making, this one focusing on the amount of scaling provided by various stats when leveling them up.  Following is a wordy description of what has changed.

**If enough people ask me to I can combine some/all of, (most likely all since it's a lot less work that way) of the 5 mods I've made recently into one complete mod pack, but I wanted them available individually first to test which ones people are actually interested in playing with**

  • HP scaling is more sharp early on and steady further on, higher maxes caping at 2500 hp instead of 2100.
  • FP scaling is also much more sharply gained early on flattening out around 50 mind, with a much higher max FP of 800 at lvl 99, with the last breakpoint before 99 being at level 50 now, for 650 FP.
  • Stamina was increased with it's scaling happening much sharper and early on, with a true hard-cap at 60 endurance where no further stamina is gained (thus no need to ever level endurance past 60. This will apply to equip load too, keep reading). Following the same trend, Stamina amounts are drastically raised, with the starting Stamina going up from 80 to 90, and the maximum from 170 to 200.
  • Equip load had the same sort of buff as Stamina did, with the true hard-cap at 60 Endurance, your minimum weight allowance at level 1 will now be 55 Miyazaki's instead of 45, with a maximum of 200 instead of 160.
  • Resistances for elemental damage have all had their scaling “smoothed out” and amounts are higher across the board (same for all, starting at 20 defense for level 1 (in that given stat, say Int for magic defense) with first breakpoint at 20, then every 20 levels till 60 then up to 99. Maximum raised from 70 to 120 for every elemental resist.
  • Physical defense based on rune level has had its scaling massively improved and the amounts gained/maximums increased, as well as the true hardcap (meaning no more is gained after this point), being set at rune level 150. The base minimum physical defense at level 1 has been doubled from 40 to 80, and the maximum buffed from 155 to 400, so at level 150 you'll have base 400 defense without armor (yes it's intended to be stupidly broken).
  • All status effect resistances based on rune level got the same treatment as physical defense, now capping at rune level 150, with drastically increased amounts. Cap used to be 180, now 300.
  • And last but not least, Item Discovery max has been increased to 300 at 99 Arcane, (basically I doubled the amount you used to get, so at 30 arcane you'd have 160, at 60 arcane 220, etc, and just rounded up at the end to 300.

One thing to note about the “Rune Level based” defense – it isn't actually calculating what rune level you are. It's adding up the total of all your stat points together. So when I say “rune level 150” I literally mean count all the points and when they get to 150 you're there, not actually rune level 150. For example, on a wretch, upon reaching level 71 (thus putting 70 points into *anything*, my defense hit the cap. Because 80 base points (10 in each stat) plus 70 additional levels = 150. This means characters will get stupid high defense *very quickly*. I *could* stretch this out a bit so it actually kicks in at true rune level 150, but as various starting classes don't have the same number of points distributed (as far as I know, I'm too lazy to count) this is the easiest way to make it “fair” by making it easier rather than harder.

The math and coefficient stuff is a bit beyond me so there's no fancy scaling curves here, though I did briefly check the numbers and they all appear to be working as I intended. If anything seems off post a bug report and I'll check it out.


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MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

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