Buy Huge Number of Stonesword Key’s from Twin Maiden Husk

This Regulation File Edit will allow you to purchase 1000 lots of 10 Stonesword keys each for only 500 soul stones per lot.If you don't like that grouping it is easy to make your own edits to whatever you like.Tested on Elden Ring version 1.07 and edited with Yapped - Rune Bar Edition.

Better Healing Flask

Makes the Crimson Flask's healing partially scale off your health, and makes the final 3 upgrades actually matter.

Cursed Challenge Items

Adds items that curse you with debuffs (and some buffs) while in your inventory, intended to be used in challenge runs

Super Underappreciated Items

A smattering of various items I felt needed some love, not all of them are probably considered "underappreciated" by most people, but I felt most of these items were lacking something, so I gave them that something. Lots of little tweaks and a few big ones!