Super Underappreciated Items

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Super Underappreciated Items, the game is improved. Using the Super Underappreciated Items Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

A smattering of various items I felt needed some love, not all of them are probably considered “underappreciated” by most people, but I felt most of these items were lacking something, so I gave them that something. Lots of little tweaks and a few big ones!

EDIT: Because I can never rest, I decided to add almost immediately after uploading this a second version that also includes a (serious) buff to Phalanx spells, listed below. Probably wanna download that one, not gonna lie.

Up to mod number 6 in my loose collection of “mini-mods”. Though this one is a little less ‘mini' than the previous ones, it's still fairly light on the changes. 

**If enough people ask me to I can combine some/all of, (most likely all since it's a lot less work that way) of the 5 mods I've made recently into one complete mod pack, but I wanted them available individually first to test which ones people are actually interested in playing with**

Let's get to the changes!

  • Dragonscale Katana – Added innate frostbite buildup and lightning damage 

  • Serpentbone Blade – Ash of War can now be changed. Higher poison buildup, now has custom poison DoT (most powerful in the game based on DPS, lasts 30 seconds, and ticks 25% faster than normal poison DoT).

  • Meteoric Blade – Added gravity spell damage buff and additional player poise when wielded (identical to bull-goat talisman effect)

  • Eclipse Shotel – Moveset changed to Shamshir and increases Death Lightning incantation damage.

  • Ripple weapons – Ash of War can now be changed. Now has three innate status effects (frost, sleep, and poison. Bleed was too OP.), removed all scaling except arcane, which has been boosted severely, as well as reducing non-arcane requirements to where almost any starting class could use these. Also changed Ripple Blade moveset to that of the Iron Cleaver, and the Ripple Crescent Halberd to the moveset of the Guardian Sword Spear moveset. The status effects inflicted by these weapons (as well as their buildup amounts) are custom as using vanilla values gave them instant proc on everything. 

  • Monk's Flameblade and Flamemace – Constant flame effect with custom (different than black flame) burning DoT, boosts flame incantations (and added Flame Sling and Catch Flame to the list as they were not buffed by the Giant's Seal before). The weapons remain buffable as well, I'm not your Dad you can do what you want.

  • Dismounter – Changed moveset to that of the Zamor Curved Greatsword. Now lives up to it's name and does severely increased poise/stamina damage, as well as having severly increased Guard Absorption and Stability so it can be used to block with almost as effectively as a shield. Severely less base damage (or else you'd never see it's intended use, which is now, based on it's namesake, “dismounting” (poise-breaking) enemies. Charged heavy attacks will knock a troll down in one swing, to give some context as to how much poise damage we're talking about here.

  • Golden Order greatsword – Increases Golden Order spell damage as well as giving the player a permanent Golden Vow effect, as well as Law of Causality (every time it triggers you must swap the weapon off and back on to re-enable it).

  • Scepter of the All Knowing – give all damage types and scaling for all stats as well as +5 to Mind, Intelligence, Faith, and Arcane, and a 1% per second fp regen.

  • Deathpoker – Increased Frostbite buildup and added boost for Death Sorceries

  • Helphen's Steeple – add innate frostbite buildup.

  • Dark Moon Greatsword – Ranni spell buff and increased Frostbite buildup

  • Carian Glintblade staff now has Gravitas ash of war (so you can stagger people long enough to get hit by Magic Glintblade lol).

  • Carian Glintstone staff now has Glintblade Phalanx ash of war (for those who dont know, the ash of war differs from the spell in that the ash of war projectiles actually do poise damage (10 per sword so 40 total) and the spell does 0 poise damage. So you can actually stagger enemies quite quickly using this and get in for your melee hits easier. To go with this I doubled the poise damage of all Carian melee sorceries (as well as Adula's Moonblade and the follow-up beam).

  • Staff of the Guilty now can cast both Sorceries and Incantations and specifically buffs the Thorn spells as well as all Blood Incantations, as well as Pest Threads, Poison Mist, Scarlet Aeonia. Switched Ash of War to Spinning Weapon (as the staff has innate bleed built in this can be nasty. Tried to use Renalla's version but it has no hitbox for some reason). Also increases Bleed resistance severely. 

Miscellaneous changes:

  • Nobles Presence changed so it receives the Godslayer Seal buff like other black flame spells.

  • Godskin Noble and Godskin Apostle chest armor to properly buff all black flame spells and not just Noble Presence.

  • All mobs are a bit sleepier – reduced resistance gain when putting mobs to sleep so you are able to sleep them multiple times before death more easily.

Alternate version with buffed Phalanx Spells details:

Changed all three Phalanx spells to last forever (meaning until you warp or die) so they will constantly fire and refresh repeatedly. Due to this lasting forever I reduced the damage a bit (so things dont just instantly die all the time before ever getting close, trust me it was too strong even for one of my mods so it had to be tweaked a bit). However to compensate for this, the projectiles now do a lot of poise damage (each cast does 28 poise damage for both Glintblade and Carian Phalanx, with Greatblade doing just over 30 poise). They also inflict mobs with the magic debuff from Renalla's Moon spell (20% extra magic damage taken). The spells also now will not be broken while hovering over the player (meaning you dont have to worry about walking through doorways with the spell active, they wont break going through walls or other things). 

This is OBVIOUSLY overpowered so I wanted to make a version with it separate from the original so there ya go. Easy to replace the old version just copy the regulation.bin file from the new zip and replace the existing one with it and you're golden. 


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MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

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