Map for Goblins

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Map for Goblins, the game is improved. Using the Map for Goblins Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

Loot all the things.

What exactly does the mod?

Changes the game's map to include a variety of information. The map displays:

  • All Graces to unlock. Their icons are replaced with the normal ones once unlocked.
  • All Bosses and their drops, anything with a boss HP bar. Their icons disappear once the bosses are defeated.
  • All unique item drops, anything with a one time guaranteed item drop. Their icons disappear once the item drops are acquired.

– The only exceptions not displayed in the map are the drops from the two friendly Living Jars in Jarburg.

  • Hostile NPCs and their drops, mostly the ones unrelated to questlines or with next to no requirements. Their icons disappear once their drops are acquired.
  • All Imp Statues and the amount of required keys to unlock them. Their icons disappear once unlocked.
  • Teardrop Scarabs, only the ones that drop items. Their icons disappear once their drops are acquired.
  • All loot from chests and corpses/shinies. Their icons disappear once the items are acquired.

- The only exceptions are the Small Golden Effigy and the Serpent-Hunter.
- Maps have a green background to make them easier to spot among all the displayed items.

  • Locations are automatically visible (caves, catacombs, ruins, etc).

- St. Trina's Hideaway map icon is also visible. This is not a bug, it's just that I made it visible.

  • Nomadic Merchants are automatically visible.

Obviously, the map contains all sort of spoilers for the entire game, don't use this mod if you care about spoilers or if this is your first playthrough.

Only English language is supported.

Starting NG+ will reset all map icons and text except the ones for unique loot and drops that can only be obtained once per character and only if you already got them in NG (talisman pouches, crystal tears, cookbooks, etc).

The map icons that have some requirement will either mention the requirement (like Yura's death for Eleanore's invasion) or will only appear when the requirement is fulfilled (like the painting rewards being only accessible once the painting is obtained first).

Things that can be missed will remain indicated on the map for the rest of the run if they are missed (like the loot around the capital, Seedbed Curses, drops from the Black Knife Assassins in Ordina's evergaol, etc).

Respawning and non-respawning material nodes are not indicated in the map. Material nodes don't use acquisition flags like the rest of items, it would be possible to add them but they would permanently remain in the map even after they were looted, so I opted to not add them. Instead I recommend using my other mod Respawning Material Nodes and treat them as any other respawning node.

The map does no changes to NPC map icons (other than Nomadic Merchants) and does not add quest related items for the most part. There are a few things in, but don't expect more than that.

Everything is coordinate precise, if you are at the right spot and can't see what you are looking for then that means it's either right above or below you, or it's moving around (patrolling enemies, troll carriages, etc).

And yes, this mod is compatible with existing save files. Everything already done with that character will be automatically cleared from the map since it uses vanilla flags to determine what is done or not.


  1. Download and install Mod Engine 2.
  2. Unzip and drop the regulation.bin file and both “menu” and “msg” folders inside the “mod” folder of Mod Engine 2.
  3. Run launchmod_eldenring.bat from Mod Engine 2 to play.

Map Customization:

It is possible to customize the map by editing the params and removing the data you don't want to be displayed in the map. Check Map Customization for how to do this.

Mod Compatibility:

This mod is not compatible with mods that change any of the following:

  • BonfireWarpParam and WorldMapPointParam in the regulation.bin file.
  • The 02_120_worldmap.gfx menu file.
  • Any of the used vanilla images found in the 01_common.tpf file, the mod doesn't change them, but they are required in their vanilla state for the most part. Mods that change the appearance of existing images only to give something a different look should be fine, like UI/button/map marker visual changes.
  • Names, locations, text (indicating any merchants) and all the related flags of Graces.
  • Names, locations, drops and their amounts, and all the related flags of bosses, enemies and hostile NPCs listed in the map.
  • Locations, required amount of keys and unlock flags of Imp Statues.
  • Locations, drops and all the related flags of Teardrop Scarabs listed in the map.
  • Names, locations, amounts and acquisition flags of all lootable item chests/corpses/shinies.
  • Names and locations of map locations (caves, catacombs, ruins, etc).

I do NOT recommend merging this with other mods unless it's only something visual like model replacements or mods that only touch game files/data completely unrelated to anything required by this mod to properly work.


  • SoulsMods for Mod Engine 2 and DSMapStudio.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 23 February 2023 7:41PM | Original upload: 23 February 2023 7:41PM | Created by: Harmonixer | Uploaded by: Harmonixer123 | Virus scan: Safe to use


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