CSV Murger (W.I.P.)

shitty csv merge python script i made in 10 minutesjust read the readme.txt on how to use


Welcome on Tracker. Here, the solution that looks at your game without touching the game files. Join the fights and participate in the leaderboard

Batch .dcx files to Nordgaren’s RenamerTool (Just a script)

Partsbnd Rename Tool from Nordgaren doesn't work in batch via drag n' drop and i didn't know a better way to do it.This is a batch(.bat) tool that ask your Partsbnd-Rename-Tool location then ask the .dcx folder and then it patches the dcx that are inside the folder.

Elden Menu

An Elden Ring in game trainer with basic features

Item Checklist (Dark Theme)

A Dark Themed spreadsheet designed to keep track of all items found in game with a Summary and Details page. Wiki links included for each entry. Items are categorized and listed the same way they are in the in-game menu. Navigation links inside spreadsheet too.


This mod modifies Malenia animations to make her only use Waterfowl Dance.It can be useful for people who want to learn to dodge this attack perfectly.

Boss Arena

Over 100 bosses included. Practice boss fights, try different builds, do boss rushes, challenge runs. Bosses respawn, so killing them doesn't matter.

Metis Mod Launcher

Metis Mod Launcher is a tool designed to make using mods in Elden Ring via ModEngine2 a smoother experience.


This is an updated version of All runes give 10000000 for Elden Ring Version 1.08.