Clear Weather in Lands Between

Change to Clear weather in most regions, no more non-stop rainning & low visibility. You can see more Sunny weather now.

Neutral Color Grading

Elden Ring makes some dubious decisions around their already made art: Limgrave and Stormhill are painfully blue, in general any rainy area as well, Stormveil and Volcano Manor are green. Neutral Color Grading removes this grading and replaces it with a completely unchanging color style for the whole game, no more ugly transitions, too!

Reshade-Perfect Preset (EldenRing)

A reshade preset from my recent series, “Perfect Preset”, that aims to enhance the visual graphics of the game without changing too much from the original palette. Allowing you to play with enhanced graphics without the game turning into an entire art peice.

No fake player light

Disables the faint fake lighting thats always around the player especially noticable in darker areas.

Guidance 3 – ReShade Preset

A ReShade I spent far too long tweaking. Gives the game an overall colder appearance without compromising the warmer hues (Free RTGI Support)

Light Reshade

A subtle ReShade without over saturation and still keeping to the vanilla lighting.

More VFX

A mod that adds some extra visual effects to some of the weapons in the game

Umineko Beatrice Portrait

change the Godfrey painting in Stormville Castle to a portrait of Beatrice from Umineko When They Cry.ストームヴィル城のゴッドフレイの絵画をうみねこのなく頃にのベアトリーチェの肖像画に変更します。

Immaculate ReShade

A reshade that brings out the color, tone, and atmosphere of The Lands Between.