Gravel Stone Seal scales primarily with Dexterity

This Mod changes the scaling of the Gravel Stone Seal to make lightning builds more viable. Now it scales primarily with Dexterity and secondarily with Faith (similar to the vanilla Dragon Communion Seal but with Dexterity instead of Arcane).

Hand of Maliketh

Kitbash of both the Nagakiba and Hand of Malenia, retextured to fit into the style of Maliketh's armor set.

Unlimited Serpent-Hunter

This is the UNBALANCED mod.Adjusted parameters so that attacks that apply to Rykard also apply to other.

Just Sheathe – Unsheathe AoW Revamp

An animation replacer for the Unsheathe Ash of War that changes the look, feel and function of both attacks following a Destined Death + Dragon Cult theme. Includes an optional Retina Burner Edition

A Worthy Blade of Calling

Improves the blade of calling so that it feels more like the weapon that an empyrean would wield.

Axe of Godrick

give a little touch to godrick axe this is my first time making a mod i hope you would enjoy it , if you see any bugs or have any suggestions please let me know


Replace:Sword: Lordsworn's Straight Sword by Sword of PowerArmor, leg and gauntlets: CHAMPION PAULDRON

ElderScrolls Standalone Weapon Pack

This is a pack of all of the weapons I have converted from the Elder Scrolls series to Elden Ring. All standalone, no longer model swaps.Currently contains 40 Weapons

Old School RuneScape Pack

Armor & Weapons based off of Old School RuneScape. Armor are as follows: Slayer Helmet, TzKal Variant Slayer Helmet, Bandos Chestplate & Tassets, Dragon Boots, Amulet of Fury, Fire Cape. (Replaces Night's Calvary Set)Weapons are recolors to resemble: Abyssal Tentacle (Thorned Whip), Ghrazi Rapier (Antspur), Dragonfire Shield (On

Dragon Greatclaw – Unbound

An overhaul of the Dragon Greatclaw to be cooler, stronger, and maybe just a little OP. Download to get an all new moveset and Ash of War!