Unlimited Serpent-Hunter

Perform Elden Ring With the mod that gives the game extra features, Unlimited Serpent-Hunter, the game is improved. Using the Unlimited Serpent-Hunter Elden Ring Mod, you may modify your gameplay to suit your preferences. To learn how to install and utilize it, go to the complete instructions below.

Mod Description

This is the UNBALANCED mod.
Adjusted parameters so that attacks that apply to Rykard also apply to other.

This mod is inspired by “Keep Serpent-Hunter Spear special moveset” and calls its SFX file.
In addition, other capabilities are added.

1.Adjust normal attack to special attack. Same Moveset, double attack times, double damage.

2.The R2 charged attack is edited as a skill attack, and the replacement of the combat technique can still be performed with the charged R2 to apply the combat technique damage.

3.Attacks have the effect of absorbing health, and weapons have the effect of Erdtree's Favor+0+1+2.

ZIP contains CSV archive.

CSV is the export file of editing bin, you can choose different special effects when importing different files.

EquipParamWeapon : Imported to get the effect of absorbing life and Erdtree's Favor+0+1+2.

BehaviorParam_PC : Import to get double damage effect.

SpEffectParam : Import to get attacks that apply to Rykard also apply to other. PS.Only attack effect, no effect animation.

Override sfxbnd_commoneffects.ffxbnd to get special attack animations.

PS.Please back up regulation.bin and sfxbnd_commoneffects.ffxbnd.dcx before overwriting.Or use ModEngine.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 19 March 2023 8:03AM | Original upload: 19 March 2023 8:03AM | Created by: zzn924418 | Uploaded by: zzn924418 | Virus scan: Safe to use


Unlimited Serpent-Hunter Weapons

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