Frey's Old Vambrace Forspoken

Frey’s Old Vambrace

For those of you who don't like endgame Cuff and/ or wish to use the various Cuff color mods, like those found over at modworkshop.
Hybrid Awakened Frey Forspoken

Hybrid Awakened Frey

Changes Frey's appearance to her Awakened form, but keeping her default clothing, which are higher quality assets and in my opinion? Just looks better.Also includes a second variant: Hybrid Awakened Basic Frey, which removes the entire utility belt, flannel and sickle that nobody even knew was there.
Tanta Sila Forspoken

Tanta Sila

Play as Tanta Sila (now includes enraged Sila variant).
Tanta Olas Forspoken

Tanta Olas

Play as Tanta Olas (silver haired or shaved head)
Flannel Frey Forspoken

Flannel Frey

Changes back 'into' to her flannel shirt.
Basic Frey Forspoken

Basic Frey

A version of Frey's original asset, but without the utility belt, flannel and sickle that nobody even knew was there in the first place, for a minimalist look.
Awakened Frey Forspoken

Awakened Frey

Changes Frey's outfit to that of the final mission outfit. Looks great in dark settings/ indirect lighting. Assets are not as high quality as her original clothing, however.
Frey's long hair Forspoken

Frey’s long hair

This mod changes Frey's in-game appearance to have long hair and touches nothing else.
Tanta Cinta Forspoken

Tanta Cinta

Well, I mean? Turns Frey into Cinta...Mind blown
Simple Realistic 3D for ForSpoken Forspoken

Simple Realistic 3D for ForSpoken

A simple custom shader for ForSpokenThis shader makes ForSpoken become slightly brighter (stronger global lighting effects) but with better shading, details and post processing effects. Hyper-realistic mimic through 3D Stereoscopic mode also available.
EZ Auto Backup Forspoken

EZ Auto Backup

Auto save backup tool for the souls genre and other games, with customizable keyboard/controller hotkeys for quick backup/restore and a profile manager. Choose between intervall auto backup every x min, or instant backup after a game auto save.