Tanta Sila

Enjoy the benefits of Tanta Sila, the mod that adds new features to your Forspoken journey. With Tanta Sila Forspoken Mod, you can adjust your gameplay to match your skills and goals. Check out our easy-to-follow guide below to set up and use it properly.

Mod Description

Play as Tanta Sila (now includes enraged Sila variant).

Play as Sila in either her original form, or an enraged/ cinder form.
Tanta Sila is highly playable. Due, to Sila having an actual in-game event, her clipping is next to nil and plays impressively well, from a fundamental standpoint, but without cloaks and necklaces gameplay is challenging, on hard mode.

You CANNOT wear a cloak or necklaces because it uses Sila's skeleton and so? Cloaks and necklaces float off of her. This is mostly recommended for photo ops, or if you happen to be overpowered or you use other things like a trainer/ mod to make up for the power deficit.


-Choose your preferred variant (you can install all variants, but only one of these may be marked active at a time)
-Unzip the .fmod to a directory of your choosing.
-Download and install Flagrum, a modding tool and mod organizer used for Luminous engine games, like FFXV. You can find it on Github. https://github.com/Kizari/Flagrum/releases
-Open Flagrum and set the profile to Forpsoken (it will take a few minutes to analyze the game's files)
-Click “Install mod” on the upper right
-Point to the file's location.

[You can choose which mods are active, by placing a check in the little circle in the upper right of the mod's thumbnail/ box. Yellow, means the mod is active and will then appear in your “Active” mods tab. An unchecked/ empty circle is deactivated and will then be moved to your “Disabled Mods” tab. Multiple may be active, so long as they don't touch/ edit the same assets.]

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 19 February 2023 4:07AM | Original upload: 16 February 2023 1:28PM | Created by: Deadstaar | Uploaded by: Graelock | Virus scan: Some manually verified files

Tanta Sila Miscellaneous

Tanta Sila Miscellaneous

Tanta Sila Miscellaneous

Tanta Sila Miscellaneous

Tanta Sila Miscellaneous

Tanta Sila Miscellaneous

Tanta Sila Miscellaneous

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