FREE YMAP Version – Clinton VIP Air Charter Role Playing Map V2.0

Take your GTA 5 gameplay to the next level with the FREE YMAP Version – Clinton VIP Air Charter Role Playing Map V2.0 Mod. The FREE YMAP Version – Clinton VIP Air Charter Role Playing Map V2.0 Grand Theft Auto V Mod is what you need to make your gameplay experience more unique. Follow our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use this mod.


The Clinton VIP Charter Inc map is situated in Franklin Clinton’s aircraft hanger in LSIA. It is inspired by and designed for RP.
The story behind it is one of rags to riches. Franklin works his way up to start his own VIP Charter flights business with complementary Limo Chauffeur Drive service and Luxury Coach Liner Service.
This map and the recommended mods and scripts associated with it, is designed for serious RP players…but you can use it however you like.

The map includes the following features:

Waiting area – at the front for arrivals etc
Vending machines
Ticket office
Check in and baggage check/x-ray
VIP Lounge – Stylish, spacious, comfortable and warm.
Restaurant – Fully equipped restaurant eating area
Border Customs Interrogation area
Border Control prison cell
Clinton VIP Charter Inc HQ Luxury Office space for my boy BALLIN FRANKLIN!!!
Fully furnished as you would expect.
Private lounge included
Fully fitted kitchen
Hidden vault *Secret Room* – With MONEY PICKUPS 😀 (*Load the Telemarkers, Pickups, Peds file manually.)
Sleeping area
mechanics workshop
Portacabins as ‘backroom’ offices for the mechanics workshop, liner and chauffeur business and for the ‘idea’ or ‘RP’ of there being some kind of administration running things in the background.
Access to the prison cell is through the interrogation area only. This also gives access to the stairs and gangway that runs around the top of the hanger. This leads to 2 more portacabins. RP cabins for the airport security, FIB, police staff.


Put the file ‘Clinton VIP Charter YMAP Free Full.ymap.xml’, in your mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/custom_maps/dlc_rpf/x64/levels/gta5/_citye/maps folder.
Load the game, press F7 to open MapEditor and select ‘Load Map’.

Load the file ‘Telemarkers, Pickups, Peds with Menyoo, Map Editor or put the file in scripts/autoloadmaps folder. If you dont have the autoloadmaps folder please create it.

Now make your way to Franklins hanger @ LSIA.

If you encounter any issues, missing props, or things generally not working the way they should…please contact me asap on discord so I can better assist you in getting things up and running.



These cars are loaded by MapEditor so its pretty important you install them also. I felt Bentley, BMW, Mercedes, Roll Royce etc… where a good choice for a luxury car service. The Galaxy Roamer was my choice for a Luxury Bus/Coach/Liner service.

Bentley Continental
Bentley Brooklands
Galaxy Roamer
GTA5KoRn Car Pack
Predator 7788 Add-On Car Pack 1.0

GameConfig For 300 cars
10k Objects
Addon Props
DLC Unlocker
Object Spawn Unlocker
VG Prop Pack v2.0 [Add-On] 1.0.1
NoBoundaryLimits – VERY IMPORTANT or your plane will stall and break at the games boundary limit.


1. Flight Assistant – (A brilliant mod for serious Pilots. It adds multiple layers of realism to flying planes. Highly configurable with auto pilot which, amazingly, includes landing the plane for you, glide slope, an immersive HUD, and many other settings! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!)
2. DeAlien Roleplay Menu – (For those Private Pilot Missions! Great for RP combined with this map!!!)
3. AirCraft Radar – (Although Flight Assistant has one built in…this shows all aircraft on the minimap.)
4. Global Investor – (I have included some pre-made businesses in the file ‘AddToGlobalInvestDOTini.txt’. Paste those into the globalinvet.ini at the bottom. Markers will be available for purchase in Franklins hanger. Prices etc editable in the ini file.)
5. 2x Longer Days Mod – (Configurable in the ini file – longer days means more time to run your VIP Charter business. Personally, I shorten the nights, and lengthen the days…)
6. JobsV – (For the Pilots License – Salaries are editable in the jobv.savedata file)
7. WayPointMarkedWithLaser – (Not essential but makes navigation in the air that much easier.)
8. LeFix Speedomoter – (improvedalexbladeversion You can set it to Knots for aircraft and boats.)
9. Fspeedomoter (Flight Speedomoter) – (More onscreen data, improving the visual usability of you overall HUD.)
10. TrainerV – (Goes without saying!)
11. Enhanced Taxi Missions – If you decide to work with the Clinton Chauffeur Drive Inc business or Clinton Luxury Liners Inc…this mod is great for that and RP.



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