Improved LSIA, reworked SPR – Static Planes Removed 1.0

Take your GTA 5 gameplay to the next level with the Improved LSIA, reworked SPR – Static Planes Removed 1.0 Mod. The Improved LSIA, reworked SPR – Static Planes Removed 1.0 Grand Theft Auto V Mod is what you need to make your gameplay experience more unique. Follow our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use this mod.


Have those unflyable aircraft at LSIA been bothering you. What about the improperly placed vehicle spawns and airport equipment blocking taxiways and the tarmac. The extra air bridges that go no where making the airport look weird. All of these things have been annoying to players who want to use LSIA to its full potential for years.

Other modders have removed the pesky static aircraft at the airport. But no one has taken it to the next level. With this mod, it takes what other modders have done to the next level by clearing LSIA of all obstructions. From the static airplanes to airport equipment, anything improperly placed has been removed.

What this mod does:

– All static planes and objects that previously obstructed gates were removed so you can taxi your aircraft to gates previously blocked.
– Air Bridges at gates 6 and 11 that were useless before were completely removed.
– Jet Blast deflectors along the taxiway next to runway 3 were removed.
– Objects and aircraft blocking the smaller gates near the heli-pads were also removed.
– Vehicle and ped spawns that blocked taxiways and gates were moved or removed in certain areas of the airport.


ScripthookV by Alexander Blade
Gameconfig (1.0.2545) for Limitless Vehicles by

Instructions are in the Readme provided in the file.

Known bugs:

– Lods are still visible for 3 objects at the airport. They do not obstruct any aprons nor have any collisions. Visible in the screenshots.

– Some Peds are spawning on the apron at gate 10 of LSIA.

I am working to solve the bugs above. However, any input to help solve the bugs above will help. If you find any other bugs, leave a message in the comments.

Credits to Siprus who made the original version removing the static planes. It was his work on that mod that helped me create this mod making LSIA way better for us who want it completely clear for use.

Tools used:

– 3DS Max 2016
– Open IV


Shadowsniper & Siprus

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