[MLO] Ultimate Car Dealership 1.0

Take your GTA 5 gameplay to the next level with the [MLO] Ultimate Car Dealership 1.0 Mod. The [MLO] Ultimate Car Dealership 1.0 Grand Theft Auto V Mod is what you need to make your gameplay experience more unique. Follow our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use this mod.


This is the MLO specifically made for the Ultimate Car Dealership script.

This is a single player MLO

I just dove into the MLO world and will make a lot of changes/updates to this file. Enjoy!


open OpenIV
drag and drop the folder ucd in the following path modsupdatex64dlcpacks
go to modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata open dlclist.xml and add the line


Please if you have any suggestions on how to improve functionalities of the MLO,
Flags, Portals, Occlusions, textures etc.
I’d greatly appreciate it.

Known Bugs:

If you spawn in the dealership, you may fall through the map. So its best to walk through the doors aha.



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File File size
7zucd 5 MB
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