Testspeedway (MapEditor) GTA 5 V-6.1

Take your GTA 5 gameplay to the next level with the Testspeedway (MapEditor) GTA 5 V-6.1 Mod. The Testspeedway (MapEditor) GTA 5 V-6.1 Grand Theft Auto V Mod is what you need to make your gameplay experience more unique. Follow our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use this mod.


Testspeedway V-5.8 (MapEditor) GTA 5 v-5.8

This is a high-speed road at the end of which there is a large airfield with aviation and various equipment and something else. To work it is required that in the game MapEditor, Simple Trainer V 12.5 was installed ,dinput8.dll, gtamp-unlock-all-objects. asi,ScriptHookV.dll, LUA plugin, scripthookvdotnet,scripthookvdotnet2, gtamp-unlock-all-objects.
In MapEditor, we set the maximum drawing distance in the settings.


– Put the autoloadmaps folder in the scripts folder, which is located in the game folder, when you start the game this file will automatically be launched with the inscription ” Loading the image” about 20 seconds. This building will slightly reduce the FPS in the game.

Changes in version 6.1 – some cars and planes have been removed, as well as some construction details so that the game is more stable and FPS has increased.



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