Vinewood House [MapEditor] 1.0

Take your GTA 5 gameplay to the next level with the Vinewood House [MapEditor] 1.0 Mod. The Vinewood House [MapEditor] 1.0 Grand Theft Auto V Mod is what you need to make your gameplay experience more unique. Follow our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use this mod.


I present to you a modification – a hand-built house (using the map editor and menyoo) which can be used as an additional building on the map or for use with friends on FiVem, e.g.


To run this mod you need Menyoo, Map Editor and Map Builder

The house contains:

-swimming pool
-2 bedrooms
-living room
-one room for a database / electrics.
All rooms are lit


1.Download the file
2. Paste the house-doors.xml file to the main folder with the game (for epic games: Program Files-> Epic Games-> GTAV) or to the Map Editor folder
3.Open the menyooStuff folder
4.Open the Spooner folder
5. Paste vinewood house.xml

After the game is fully loaded:

1.Open Menyoo (F8)-> Object Spooner> Manage Saved Files-> vinewood house-> teleport to reference-> load placements
2.Open Map Editor (F7)-> Load Map-> File Chooser-> choose house-doors.xml



Download mod

File File size
zipvinewood_house 49 KB
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