[NON-ELS/DLS/DLC-Add On] Rockford Hills Police (BH) Pack V1.1

Take your GTA 5 gameplay to the next level with the [NON-ELS/DLS/DLC-Add On] Rockford Hills Police (BH) Pack V1.1 Mod. The [NON-ELS/DLS/DLC-Add On] Rockford Hills Police (BH) Pack V1.1 Grand Theft Auto V Mod is what you need to make your gameplay experience more unique. Follow our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use this mod.


Welcome to the playground for the rich and famous ((and for fat Midwestern tourists to come and gawp at the rich and famous on bus tours.)) Rockford Hills has the highest concentration of silicone and new-money douchebags in bad marriages trying to spend their way to happiness in beautiful Los Santos San Andreas! All while the brave men & women that make up the Rockford Hills Police Department strive to bring dedication and protection to the wealthy elitists they hold dear!

A lore-friendly Rockford Hills Police pack, inspired by the Beverly Hills Police Dept. (CA)’s vehicles and design.

The pack includes the following vehicles:

rhpdeveron = RHPD Everon traffic control
rhpdfug = RHPD Fugitive
rhpdfugumk = RHPD Fugitive unmarked
rhpdnalamo = RHPD Alamo 2 Supervisor
rhpdnalamok9 = RHPD Alamo 2 K9 unit
rhpdscorcher = RHPD Scorcher
rhpdscout = RHPD Scout II
rhpdscoutk9 = RHPD Scout II K9 unit
rhpdscoutslick = RHPD Scout II slicktop (traffic/commercial vehicle enforcement)
rhpdscoutumk = RHPD Scout II unmarked
rhpdstanier = RHPD Stanier K9 unit

More vehicles are being worked on and will be added in a future update!

A huge thank you and shoutout to Jacobmaate for his awesome assets, 11John11 for his assets, Actuallyтoхιc for his assets and Nacho for his assistance and support. I would also like to thank Jerry521 for a beautiful promotion video and CptAlloy for extensive beta testing at all stages of the development.

1. Launch OpenIV, enable edit mode

2. Copy the “rockfordhillspd” folder to the following path: “mods/update/x64/dlcpacks”

3. Navigate to: “mods/update/update.rpf/common/data” and add “dlcpacks:/rockfordhillspd/” at the bottom of “dlclist.xml”
but above “”

4. Save and exit

OPTIONAL: DLS configuration installation instructions:

1. Copy the folder ‘plugins’ in the ‘OPTIONAL DLS Files’ folder

2. Navigate to your GTA V main directory

3. Paste the folder ‘plugins’

The Siren Setting Limit Adjuster is


to stop sirenSetting conflicts with other packs!

The Gameconfig is


to support multiple addon vehicles, otherwise your game may crash!

The Dynamic Lighting System is


to be able to use non-ELS stage lights.



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zipRockford Hills Police Dept. (BH) Pack 1.1 58 MB
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