Octopath Traveler II

Arcanist Hikari Sprite Edit

Edits Hikari's Arcanist sprite to give him a vest similar to the female outfit, because I don't like the abs.

Octopath Troubler (Hard Mode)

Pseudo-difficulty mod that increases enemy stats and shield points for a more challenging playthrough. Has 2 versions!

Powerful Bosses

Strengthen Bosses in the Main Story.(3 versions available)加强主线BOSS(3个版本可供选择)

Octopath Unlimiter

Uncaps the default 9999 damage cap and optionally, the 999 stat cap.

Octopath Limiter

Sets a max level attainable for players. Once the cap is reached, EXP gain is disabled.

Disable EXP

Completely turns off EXP gained from enemies.


Increases the drop rates for nuts on Octopuffs from 5% to either 50%, or 100%, your choice.

Guide Everyone

Allows Temenos to guide an NPC regardless of the level requirements to do so.

Challenge and Ambush All

This mod allows you to Challenge(Hikari) and Ambush(Throné) any NPC, regardless of their required level.