ItemPlus – Improving Underpowered Equipment

Experience Octopath Traveler II with ItemPlus – Improving Underpowered Equipment, the mod that adds more features to the game. With ItemPlus – Improving Underpowered Equipment Octopath Traveler II Mod, you can adjust your gameplay to match your taste. Check out our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Buffs many underpowered and underutilized items.

Itemplus, similar to my other mod Octoplus, aims to increase the diversity of viable options to the player by buffing various underpowered and/or underutilized pieces of equipment in the game.

It makes many changes to the statistics and effects of various items, early game and late game. I added elemental attack to all of the elemental potency weapons that were lacking it, removed some weapons' accuracy penalties, and added secondary stats to most of the divine weapons (which were desperately lacking them). Some secondary effects were also added or changed to create more use cases for underwhelming weapons. I also gave lightning a third boosting weapon type it previously did not have, in the form of spears.


Conqueror's Sword
Speed 0 > 100
This sword has a limited window of use before you get the battle-tested blade and mostly stop using it, and it's underwhelming on its own merits frankly. Its power is fine, but it lacks any stats behind sheer attack. I gave it a fair amount of speed to synergize with its Armsmaster skill, which benefits from going earlier in the turn order.

Sword of Oaths
Elemental Attack 0 > 345
Attack effect “Slim chance to reduce target's physical attack.” replaced with “Recover SP equivalent to 1% of damage dealt.”
This weapon came far too late and had no particular niche of its own, and swords were also sorely missing a late game elemental option. Seeing as you get the Sword of Oaths from a member of the Sacred Guard, I chose to make it the premier elemental sword, with high magic attack and SP drain to sustain a spellsword and combo with Pursuits.

Eclipse Edge
Elemental Attack 0 > 300
Accuracy -75 > 0

Guardian's Iceblade
Elemental Attack 0 > 225

Heretic's Greatsword
Elemental Attack 0 > 40


Warlord's Spear
Attack 310 > 330
Defense 0 > 85

Spear of Strength
Fixed hit chance 65% > 80%
Spear of Strength is a funny weapon. It calls back to Werner's Sword, a weapon from the first game that claimed to always land a critical hit, but in reality turned every non-critical attack into a miss. The spear, on the other hand, simply has a set 65% chance to hit. It ignores accuracy and critical checks–65% of the time, you will hit, and land a critical. This makes it laughably unreliable, especially when critical isn't a hard stat to boost, and the battle-tested spear (which becomes available at the same time) has 120 critical. I increased its hit rate to 80%, preserving the spirit of the weapon but making it much more practical to use.

Tornado Glaive
Elemental Attack 0 > 351

Thunder's Roar
Elemental Attack 230 > 325

Fire Dragon's Glaive
Elemental Attack 0 > 195

Clan Mei Spear
Elemental Attack 0 > 200
Equip effect: Raises potency of lightning-based attacks.

Scorched Bone Spear
Elemental Attack 0 > 60


Dancer's Blade
Attack 300 > 325
Evasion 0 > 195

Drifting Dagger
Attack 111 > 205
Critical 28 > 71
Accuracy 28 > 0
Attack effect: 33% chance to blind the target.
A very cool weapon criminally underpowered in the stats department. It's dropped by Plukk in Castti's Winterbloom Chapter 2 and uses a unique sprite based on the daggers she wields in her boss fight. Despite this, it has no special characteristics, and there are literally multiple NPCs just outside the area you fight her that carry daggers with much more attack. I gave it a reasonable stat spread for the recommended level of the chapter you get it in, and a nifty on hit effect for some extra utility.

Elemental Attack 0 > 289


Battle-Tested Axe
Elemental Attack 250 > 300
The battle-tested axe really wanted to be the endgame elemental axe, but was seriously done bad in the actual stat area of that. This makes it officially the highest elemental attack of any axe, as it should be.

Hero's Axe
Elemental Attack 0 > 250

Dark Slasher
Elemental Attack 0 > 186

Axe of Avarice
Attack 107 > 130
Defense 20 > 50
Elemental Defense 20 > 50
Equip effect: Equip effect: Receive additional leaves at the end of battle (5%).
Another cool weapon dropped by an early-chapter boss, the Axe of Avarice was interesting for having defensive stats, but its numbers were marginal. I slightly increased the values to make it generally better, and in keeping with Stenvar's greed and the axe's name, gave it a minor money-earning effect. The boost stacks with Prosperity Charm (which is 10%, for comparison), but is small enough that it isn't going to break the game's economy in half or anything.

Frost Axe
Elemental Attack 0 > 81


Hunter's Bow
Attack 312 > 342
Accuracy 0 > 150
Attack effect “Slim chance to reduce a random attribute” replaced with “Reduces physical defense for 2 turns.”
The poor Hunter's Bow. It has easily the worst divine weapon skill, a mediocre area attack that can strike twice in very specific circumstances. After technical limitations frustratingly prevented me from meaningfully changing the move in Octoplus, I chose to buff the weapon here. Its entirely pathetic side effect has been replaced with a 100% chance to briefly lower physical defense, giving it a reliable use and giving Flurry of Arrows a purpose as an area debuffing attack. 2 turns per hit, on a boosted normal attack, is equivalent to using Armor Corrosive, which I think is fair for by far the most difficult divine weapon to obtain.

Black Bow
Elemental Attack 0 > 370
Instant death 5% > 20%
You obtain this weapon from a boss in the very final chapter of the game, and it has…mediocre stats and no notable qualities besides a paltry instant kill chance. I gave it high elemental attack since bows were lacking many magical options in the endgame, and made the proc chance of its secondary effect much higher. There is very little left to use the Black Bow's instant kill on by the time you get it, and you have plenty of other ways to clear regular encounters, so I think it's fair.

Floyd's Neo Bow
Attack effect “Slim chance to reduce evasion” replaced with “Reduces speed for 2 turns.”
Floyd's Neo Bow is a weapon with a very cool sprite acquired from a post game sidequest far too late to be of any real use. It has no notable traits to set it apart from other powerful bows you're likely to already have, or be acquiring soon, by the time you finish Partitio's story. A guaranteed speed drop gives it the niche of speed control, since each time a unit's speed is reduced, their position on the following turn will be moved back. Using area moves or multi-hits, the cool steampunk pulley bow can serve as effective turn manipulation now.

Tornado Bow
Elemental Attack 0 > 300


Spiritlord's Staff
Elemental Defense 0 > 135


Gaudy Hat
Effect replaced with “Draw foe's single target attacks to you for 3 turns at the start of battle.”
Like Fool's Leaf and the Warding Necklace, Gaudy Hat's effect of changing aggro is bugged and actually does nothing. It has replaced with a similar but functional ability to start the battle with the provoke status, making it a useful tool for tanks, as it was intended to be.

Enfeebling Amulet
Debuff extension 1 turn > 2 turns
1 turn was fine when this was a support skill in the first game, but its far too little to be worth an accessory slot, this time.

Warding Necklace entirely replaced with:
Cursed Amulet
-100 Defense
Equip effect: Counter physical attacks with your equipped weapon 5 times in battle.
Warding Necklace's effect was bugged and did nothing. The accessory has been repurposed into a fourth member of the cursed set, reducing defense in exchange for 5 stacks of the counter status. This has a variety of tactical applications, with or without Blessing in Disguise alongside it, and I've had a lot of fun playtesting with it.

Also check out my other, even larger project, Octoplus Buff Package!

To install, drop ItemBuffs_p.pak into Octopath_Traveler2 > Content > Paks
ItemPlus edits ItemDB.uasset and GameTextEN.uasset, and will conflict with any other mod that edits these files. Patches are available for both versions of my other mod, Octoplus. Download and install the appropriate file for your version of Octoplus, and the text changes will be merged.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 07 April 2023 6:55AM | Original upload: 07 April 2023 6:55AM | Created by: Lostfaiths | Uploaded by: LostFaiths | Virus scan: Safe to use


ItemPlus - Improving Underpowered Equipment Miscellaneous

ItemPlus - Improving Underpowered Equipment Miscellaneous

ItemPlus - Improving Underpowered Equipment Miscellaneous

ItemPlus - Improving Underpowered Equipment Miscellaneous

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