New Dawn – An Overhaul

Experience Octopath Traveler II with New Dawn – An Overhaul, the mod that adds more features to the game. With New Dawn – An Overhaul Octopath Traveler II Mod, you can adjust your gameplay to match your taste. Check out our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use it.

Mod Description

A full game rebalance and difficulty mod, with the goal of making the game more mechanically interesting and challenging.

New Dawn is a thorough rebalance project. It aims to make the strategic options available to the player more diverse, with more viable mechanics, fewer clear cut “best in slot” items and abilities, and more challenging and durable bosses to wield them against. It is in some ways a continuation of my previous mods, the Octoplus and Itemplus buff packages, but expands their scope to more in-depth changes to core mechanics and overall game balance. It's designed as an all-in-one overhaul mod, changing enemies as well as the player's tools, and altering the pace of progression through the game. It is intended for a veteran's perspective on the game, and to make things fresh after you know how to make most late-game bosses a non-threat in vanilla.

I consider this mod to be in beta and am actively working on it. Feedback (especially about the game balance) is greatly appreciated.

To install, drop NewDawn_p into Octopath_Traveler2 > Content > Paks
New Dawn is designed to be used with a fresh save file. Unintended results may occur with an existing save file. The earlier in the game a save is, the safer it is to install.

The following is a list of changes from vanilla:

Ability Changes



Piercing Thrust
“Unleash a powerful polearm attack on a single foe, and have a 25%/50%/75%/100% chance to deal a critical hit. Turn all damage dealt to the target into critical damage for the remainder of the turn.”

Ultimate Stance
“Raise your critical rate for the rest of the battle, but reduce your physical defense and elemental defense for 5/4/3/2 turns.”

Brand's Blade
“[Divine Skill] Unleash an extraordinarily powerful sword attack on a single foe and reduce their physical defense and elemental defense for 3 turns.”



10 SP
“Deal fire-based damage to a single foe 1/2/3/4 times.”
Affected by Price of Power.

“Dodge 1/2/3/4 physical attacks with a 100% success rate. Does not stack.”

Bifelgan's Bounty
“[Divine Skill] Deal powerful magic damage to all foes and receive ➓ equivalent to the damage dealt.”
Damage increased.



“Reveal the HP and 1/2/3/All weak points of a single foe.”

Elemental Break (Replaces Stroke of Genius)
8 SP
“Unleash a staff attack on a single foe and lower their elemental defense for 2/4/6/8 turns.”

Elemental Barrage
Affected by Price of Power.

Advanced Magic
“Boosts the intensity of a single ally's spells 3/4/5/6 times.”

Flash of Inspiration (replaces Teach)
20 SP
“Partially restore your own latent power gauge.”

One True Magic
35 SP
Damage increased.



Sweeping Gale
10 SP
“Deal wind-based damage to a single foe 1/2/3/4 times.”
Affected by Price of Power.

Triggers Dance Sessions.

Bewildering Grace
Probability of negative effects reduced. Experience and JP increasing effects removed.

Windy Refrain
Now affected by super and hyper magic, becoming Tempest Aria and Hurricane Hymn, respectively.
Affected by Price of Power.



10 SP
“Deal lightning-based damage to a single foe 1/2/3/4 times.”
Affected by Price of Power.

Abating Arrow (replaces Mercy Strike)
9 SP
“Unleash a moderately powerful bow attack on a single foe and nullify 1/2/3/4 of their augmenting effects.”

Cleaving Blow
“Unleash a powerful axe attack on a single foe, and restore your own HP and SP based on the damage dealt.”

Blinding Burst (replaces Abating Orb)
18 SP
“Blind all foes for 1/2/3/4 turns.”

Provoke Beasts
“Select 2/3/4/5 monsters and provoke them in order.”

Draefendi's Bow
Increased damage.



Darkest Night
10 SP
“Deal dark-based damage to a single foe 1/2/3/4 times.”
Affected by Price of Power.

Veil of Darkness
Now affected by super and hyper magic, becoming Shroud of Shadow and Nightfall, respectively.
Affected by Price of Power.



Holy Light
10 SP
“Deal light-based damage to a single foe 1/2/3/4 times.”
Affected by Price of Power.

Aelfric's Protection (replaces Aelfric's Blessing)
30 SP
“[Divine Skill] Cause a single ally to be automatically revived at full HP after being incapacitated, one time.”



10 SP
“Deal ice-based damage to a single foe 1/2/3/4 times.”
Affected by Price of Power.

Poison Axe
“Unleash a powerful axe attack on a single foe, and poison them for 2/3/4/5 turns.”

Debilitating Solution (replaces Weakness to Poison)
11 SP
“Extend the duration of all status ailments affecting a single foe by 3/4/5/6 turns.”

Pomegranate Remedy (replaces Remedy)
50 SP
“Grant all allies besides yourself 1/2/3/4 BP.”



Conqueror's Sword: Cosmic Roar
50 SP
“[Divine skill] Charge your attack until the end of the turn, then unleash a powerful shockwave that deals 10 points of shield damage to a single foe.”

Dancer's Blade: Mischievous Step
“Unleash a dagger attack on all foes at least 3 times. The more foes there are, the more attacks you will unleash.”

Lionheart's Axe: On the Hunt
“Unleash a devastating axe attack on a single foe 2 times. The second strike will be more powerful than the first.”

Spiritlord's Staff: Deliverance
Affected by Price of Power.

“Unleash a physical attack on a single foe, then go on the defensive until your next action (125/150/175/200 guard). The higher your physical defense, the more potent the attack.”



Slightly increased damage and healing power.

Slightly increased damage.

Increased debuff extension by 1 turn across the board.

Seal of Inversion
“Change 3/4/5/6 attribute-reducing effects on yourself to attribute-raising effects.”

Reflective Barrier
“Grant yourself the ability to reflect 1/2/3/4 elemental attacks. Does not stack.”

Seal of Eternity
“[Divine Skill] Indefinitely extend the duration of 3 random positive status effects on a single ally.”



Changeable Catapult
Slightly decreased damage.

Elemental Bomb Bottle
Increased critical damage.



Conjure Flames
20 SP
“Enchant a single ally's weapons with fire for 3/4/5/6 turns, and grant them the ability to counter a physical attack 1/2/3/4 times.”

Conjure Ice
20 SP
“Enchant a single ally's weapons with ice and increase their elemental defense for 3/4/5/6 turns.”

Conjure Lightning
20 SP
“Enchant a single ally's weapons with lightning and increase their speed for 3/4/5/6 turns.”

Conjure Gusts
20 SP
“Enchant a single ally's weapons with wind and increase their critical rate for 3 turns.”

Cleansing Rain
30 SP
“Cleanse allies of enfeebling effects, and prevent them from being inflicted for 1/2/3/4 turns.”

Spirit Dance
20 SP
“Raise a single ally's physical and elemental attack for 2/3/4/5 turns.”
Triggers Dance Sessions.

30 SP
“Deal powerful magic damage to all enemies, and trigger your active conjuration.”
Affected by Price of Power.

Hinouekagura's Grace
50 SP
“[Divine Skill] Grant a single ally the ability to act again at the end of a turn for 3 turns. Only one additional action can be taken per turn.”

Support Abilities

Support abilities have been re-ordered and shuffled around the jobs to more appropriate places, as per the following:


1. Bolstering Break
2. Summon Strength
3. Latent Power Plus
4. Master of Offense

1. The Show Goes On
2. Ever Evasive
3. Hard Worker
4. Invigorate and Inspire
LP restore increased.

1. Vigorous Victor
2. Hale and Hearty
3. Inspiriting Break
SP Restore increased to 50.
4. Preventative Measures
Now gives 3 turns of immunity of status ailments at the start of battle.

1. Incidental Attack
Attack chance increased to 100%.
2. Fleetfoot
3. Ensnare
4. Life in the Shadows
EXP/JP bonus 50% > 10%

1. Resilience
2. Inner Strength
3. Evil Ward
4. Retributive Smite (replaces Rise Again)
“The equipping character has a 50% chance of retaliating with a powerful light spell when taking physical damage.”

1. Deal More Damage
2. Invigorating Break
HP Restored 20% > 100%
3. Peak Performance
Damage bonus 50% > 30%
4. Arms Refinement
LP restore increased.

1. Broken Seal (replaces SP Recovery)
“Upon being incapacitated, increase the physical attack, elemental attack, physical defense, and elemental defense of all allies for 3 turns.”
2. Lasting Memory
3. Price of Power
Damage bonus 50% > 25%
4. Of Equal Might

1. BP In Adversity
2. Upgraded Accessories.
3. Explosive Disaster
“Release a powerful fire attack on all foes when the equipping character is rendered incapacitated.”
4. Fruits of Labor

1. Purification
2. Graceful Step
“Grants the equipping character an extra turn at the start of battle.”
3. SP Saver
4. BP Regeneration

Latent Powers


Decreased damage.

Beastly Claws
Increased damage.

Beastly Fangs
Increased damage.



Pomegranate Leaf
Increases natural BP regeneration for 2/5 turns.

Neutralizing Leaf (replaces Dual Leaf)
Nullifies 1/3 enfeebling effects.

Fool's Leaf
Draws foe's single target attacks for 2/5 turns.

Arcane Flower (replaces Fumbling Flower)
Reduces elemental defense for 2/5 turns.

Toxic Flower (replaces Enfeebling Flower)
Inflicts weakness to poison for 3/7 turns.

Dual Flower
Inflicts blind during the day and inflicts confusion at night.

Learned Skills


Limb From Limb
Reduced critical modifier. Increased defense modifier slightly.

Sacred Slash
35 SP
“Unleash a sword attack on all foes that draws on your elemental attack, and reduce their elemental defense for 3 turns.”
Affected by Price of Power.

Bolt Brandish
Increased lightning damage
Triggers pursuits.

Windswept Slash
Increased wind damage.
Triggers pursuits.

Crimson Slash
Increased fire damage.
Triggers pursuits.

Bloody Bonus
Increased fire damage.
Triggers pursuits.

NEW: Ruinous Ritual
32 SP
“Deal heavy dark damage to all foes, and inflict random enfeebling effects.”
Affected by Price of Power.

NEW: Wrath of the Goddess
45 SP
“Deal fire, ice, and lightning damage to all enemies.”
Affected by Price of Power.

NEW: Sacrificial Slash
50 SP
“Unleash 3 devastating attacks with a sword on a single foe, but render yourself incapacitated.”

Removed Divine Protection.

Dance Sessions
Random count sessions have been changed to fixed numbers.

The LP restoring Rondo sessions have been given increased power.

Monster Abilities


Azure Claw
Given three points of shieldbreak. Increased damage.

Azure Fang
Increased damage.

Azure Wind
Increased damage. Increases the party's speed for 4 turns.

Azure Light
Increased damage. Inflicts confusion for 4 turns.

Azure Darkness
Increased damage. Inflicts blindness for 4 turns.

Items are where some of the heaviest balancing of New Dawn comes into play. Fang of Ferocity has been reduced to a 20% boost, and Finisher's Claws have been reduced to a 35% boost. All of the Battle-Tested, Divine, and Lost Tribe weapons have been reconsidered with more interesting secondary effects. In addition to Thunder's Roar, elemental pursuit weapons now exist for every weapon type and element. They've been sprinkled over lategame loot. The earliest one you're likely to find is the Absolute Zero bow from Ochette's Stormhail chapter, which triggers an icy pursuit on all attacks.

Elemental potency weapons have been drastically reworked. Potency stacking has been removed, with every element now corresponding to a particular weapon type. The damage numbers of spells have been adjusted to account for this, and the end result should be that you no longer need to choose a mage's class based purely on what weapons it lets them equip. That still matters, but Osvald no longer covets Armsmaster purely to equip three potency weapons, and other magically-inclined characters can function in more jobs than when they had to rely on heavy stacking on their primary element. The new elemental weapons are as follows:

-Scorched Bone Spear
-Fire Dragon's Glaive
-Frost Axe
-Icy Axe
-Thundercloud Bow (replaces Engagement Bow)
-Shattering Storm (replaces Tornado Bow)
-Wind Whisperer
-Jade Staff
-Sunshadow Staff
-Heretic's Greatsword
-Eclipse Edge

Many other weapons and pieces of armor have also been adjusted, sometimes given small stat tweaks, sometimes given entirely new purposes. For example, the Tornado Glaive has been replaced by the Mystic Trident, a spear that has high elemental attack and absorbs SP on hit, and the Hallowed Rod has had its former light potency replaced with an effect that amplifies the power of healing received by the wielder.

The status ailment bottles have had their success chance increased to make them more reliable, with a corresponding price increase.

Battle-Tested weapons have had their drops changed. Instead of needing to farm a 2% chance to get another copy, the drops have been moved to each weapon's respective post-game NPC, with a 100% chance. They can no longer be obtained early, but once you have access to them, you can take as many as you need.

The Stone of Truth has been given 50 points of elemental attack, and now grants 2 stacks of greatly intensified spells at the start of battle. Its old effect of permanent intensified spells has been given to a new piece of armor, the Arcane Robe. The robe has one set location in the world, and more copies of it can be obtained from an appropriate post-game NPC.

The locations of certain items have been changed, both for balance reasons and to accommodate new additions. I recommend not spoiling yourself as to the new locations and just exploring, but if you want the details, check the readme.

The final boss now drops the Spurning Ribbon and a new accessory, the Dawn Ribbon. The Dawn Ribbon multiplies experience and JP earned by 100 times, and is there to make the grind for the superboss as convenient as possible.

NPCs can now be summoned unlimited times without leaving your party, although they still retreat from battle after a certain number of turns.

Currently the following NPCs have been adjusted:

Giselle: Has the unique Dance Session Golden Duet, which grants 1 BP and heals 1 status ailment. In battle, she uses Love, Sweet As Honey and Improved Offense.

Ort: In battle, he uses Sacred Slash, Steel Defenses, and Sacred Aura (grants light enchant to all characters for 3 turns and restores 75 SP)

Benkei: Teaches Aggressive Thrust as a learned skill. In battle, he uses Aggressive Thrust and We Are Soldiers Without Equal!.

Enemies and Bosses
New Dawn is built atop the changes of Viridescence's excellent Octopath Troubler mod. Enemies have general multipliers of 1.8x HP and 1.4x shield points, accordingly. Bosses, in particular the penultimate and final chapter bosses, have been given special attention in addition to this, with increased stats and much more HP that should give these encounters the length and gravitas they deserve. After three playthroughs, including one with Troubler installed, I was tired of reaching the phase transition of a character's final boss, hearing the music change, getting pumped, and then immediately one-shotting them because I had already done too much damage at once to their small health bars. Hikari's and Ochette's final bosses, guarding some of the best post-story abilities and loot in the game, are especially buff in New Dawn. Good luck.

And have fun with the superboss: He isn't playing around this time.

New Dawn edits the following files and will be incompatible with mods that also edit them:

Stealing Everything, and other Steal rebalance mods:
Unlimited Followers:
-Redundant, New Dawn includes similar changes
Octopath Unlimiter:
-Compatible, but be aware that this will have drastic implications on game balance
Octopath Troubler:
-Redundant, New Dawn bases its enemy changes off of Troubler already
More Captured Monster Slots:
Winnehild's Battle Cry:
Octopath Limiter:
Really Evasive Maneuvers:

Special thanks to Beepo for technical help and Viridescence for letting me use his excellent work on the Octopath Troubler mod.

I do this as a hobby. If you want to toss a little support my way, you can tip me on ko-fi

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 21 April 2023 9:35PM | Original upload: 20 April 2023 6:49PM | Created by: Lostfaiths | Uploaded by: LostFaiths | Virus scan: Safe to use


New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

New Dawn - An Overhaul Miscellaneous

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