Octopath Troubler (Hard Mode)

Experience Octopath Traveler II with Octopath Troubler (Hard Mode), the mod that adds more features to the game. With Octopath Troubler (Hard Mode) Octopath Traveler II Mod, you can adjust your gameplay to match your taste. Check out our detailed guide below to learn how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Pseudo-difficulty mod that increases enemy stats and shield points for a more challenging playthrough. Has 2 versions!

Warning: This mod can greatly alter the difficulty and balance of a playthrough, so it's advised to only use it if you're really looking for a challenge.

Octopath Troubler currently comes in 2 versions, pick the one you feel best suits you.

Octopath Troubler:

  • All enemy and boss stats except HP are kept normal
  • All enemies and bosses gain 1.8x HP
  • All enemies and bosses in the game also have 1.4x more shield points

Use this if you want to retain the game's original difficulty, but want longer fights.

The general difficulty of the game stays the same, as in you'll still be taking and dealing the same amounts of damage, but you'll be having to contend with more shield points to bring down enemies as you progress through the game, especially on bosses. This means planning BP usage properly, and maximizing break windows since HP is also increased considerably. 

Octopath Troubler Boosted: 

  • All enemy and boss stats(including HP) are 1.3x higher
  • All enemies and bosses in the game also have +1 more shield points

Use this if you want a much more difficult playthrough. Fights are longer than normal difficulty for different reasons, as stat gains make fights more challenging in shorter amounts of time.

When starting out on Octopath Troubler Boosted, it's possible to easily die in beginning chapters. Osvald's opening chapter is by far the hardest of the bunch. It's highly advised to get to level 8 or 10 and learn your first support ability before trying any chapter boss, though. There's a video of Osvald's boss fight in the videos section!

Be much more mindful of enemies resistant to physical attacks or magical attacks. Focus on gaining the first few levels as soon as you can and pay special attention to buffs and debuffs. Utilize defend, items, and flee if you're against very tough enemies. Breaking all enemies will let you flee with a 100% chance, so use that to your advantage!

If necessary, use other mods to aid with difficulty spikes.

All Octopuffs in the game will also drop their nuts 100% of the time when using this mod! This is a workaround to my other mod, Octoplus, that does the same thing, but doesn't increase enemy stats. For those that wish to have both, use this mod.


Please only choose one file. Once the zip file is downloaded, extract the file's contents to the following path:


Compatibility with other Mod(s):

Warning: These mods edit the EnemyDB.uasset file, so it won't be compatible with any mods that change this file. This will most likely be other difficulty mods, or mods that affect monsters stats, drop tables or drop chances.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 20 March 2023 4:01PM | Original upload: 20 March 2023 3:51AM | Created by: Viridescence | Uploaded by: Viridescence | Virus scan: Safe to use


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