Sons Of The Forest

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Beach Fort -Day One- Sons Of The Forest

Beach Fort -Day One-

A singleplayer day one starter save. Beach Fort located near beach helicopter crash site.
SOTF Twitch Integration (Chaos Tricks) Sons Of The Forest

SOTF Twitch Integration (Chaos Tricks)

ChaosTricks allows your Twitch viewers to control many in-game events and aspects with Bits or Channel Points. Interactive experience and viral content are all together!
The Fortress Sons Of The Forest

The Fortress

a saved game but with the fortress of jesus christ (thanks jonah hill)
A really good start Sons Of The Forest

A really good start

Day 00 Save (day 1 9:00). Starts the player in front of two houses with numerous items for the journey itself.with a house on the lake and a tower together
SonsSaveClock Sons Of The Forest


Do you always forget to save? This shows you a clock timing back to your last save to remind you.
Sons Of The Forest Map Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest Map

Stay on top of your game with real-time position tracking, nodes of weapons & points of interest, and overlay mode for seamless progress tracking.
SOTFModMenu Sons Of The Forest


A simple open source Mod Menu for Sons of The Forest. Features such as MaxHealth, MaxStamina, InstantBuild, InfiniteLogs, InfiniteAmmo and many more...
Adjust Inventory Size Sons Of The Forest

Adjust Inventory Size

Allows the player to adjust max storage amounts per category or item via a configuration file.
Sons Of The Forest Inventory Editor 0.0.2 Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest Inventory Editor 0.0.2

This is a Save Editor for Sons of The Forest.Features: Max Inventory Add & Remove Items Edit Item Quantity Revive Kelvin & Virginia (Soon) Respawn Cut Trees Easy to use
Atmosphera (ReShade Preset) Sons Of The Forest

Atmosphera (ReShade Preset)

Are you a fan of Sons of the Forest? If so, you're going to love this carefully curated version of my Atmosphera ReShade preset. I've spent hours delicately tweaking it to enhance the colors and remove the game's unnatural filter, resulting in a truly immersive gaming experience.