Sons Of The Forest Map

Stay on top of your game with real-time position tracking, nodes of weapons & points of interest, and overlay mode for seamless progress tracking.


A simple open source Mod Menu for Sons of The Forest. Features such as MaxHealth, MaxStamina, InstantBuild, InfiniteLogs, InfiniteAmmo and many more...

Adjust Inventory Size

Allows the player to adjust max storage amounts per category or item via a configuration file.

Radio Spawner

Allows simply to make appear one or more functional RADIO via the combination "ALT + O".Works in co-op (according to the last test).

A Good Start

Day 00 Save (Day1 9:00am). Starts the player off next to the lake island with 210 log wood storage and plenty of resources in the nearby tree house.


Create custom warps to teleport around the world

Snow Summit Super Long Rope Archive

By modifying the rope coordinates in ZipLineManagerSaveData.json to achieve the rope length of the wireless distanceļ¼ŒThis archive contains two versions, a version with only the rope gun in the backpack, and a version with all the items in the backpack


Allows you to fly around the map

Bare Island

restores trees and vegetation that were destroyed everywhere but on your islandGo toC:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalLowEndnightSonsOfTheForestSaves######SinglePlayer###########replace your WorldObjectLocatorManagerSaveData.json with this one

Environment Restoration

This mod provides a .JSON file that restores trees and vegetation that were destroyed.