Do you always forget to save? This shows you a clock timing back to your last save to remind you.

Sons Of The Forest Inventory Editor 0.0.2

This is a Save Editor for Sons of The Forest.Features: Max Inventory Add & Remove Items Edit Item Quantity Revive Kelvin & Virginia (Soon) Respawn Cut Trees Easy to use

SOTF Savegame Editor

A full savegame editor for Sons of the Forest.Revive Kelvin, locate Virginia on the map, fill all "Log Storeage", edit your strength level, edit your inventory, change the difficulty...........

Save Menu

For now, you can save without build.

Fresh Navy Start

Start your journey as a freshly crashed Navy with the most important utensils you need at the beginning and don't let Kelvin stop you. Much luck

Sons of The Forest VULKAN

This "mod" will force the game to run on VULKAN instead of DX11. It might improve performance, but might cause instability.*EXPERIMENTAL


Hi, I offer you a save that has 00 days and the complete inventory, perfect for people who want to play the game without taking the lead.

Simple Zoom

A simple mod witch allows players to zoom in. This can help players to see far away from their location, pretty useful.