Beach Fort -Day One-

Unleash the potential of Beach Fort -Day One-, the mod for any avid Sons Of The Forest player. Beach Fort -Day One- Sons Of The Forest Mod is the ultimate tool for optimizing your gameplay. Find out how to set up and use it with our detailed guide below.

Mod Description

A singleplayer day one starter save. Beach Fort located near beach helicopter crash site.

Another starter save file. A Beach Fort that's near the helicopter beach crash site, had fun making this for when I what to start a new playthrough and have a strong base to start out with.

The Base has one main entrance and surrounding the whole Fort are spikes. The walls are made of watchtowers going around the whole base. There is a GPS marker in the center of the base. 

Three main buildings with plenty of open land inside to build on. 

The shelter has a campfire and plenty of firewood with drying racks filled with fish and planters growing berries. 

The Armor Rack building has armors on display with extras on the selves. Also has all the plants and seeds on selves, and rock, bone, and stick storages.

The Storage room is filled with selves that have a lot of ammo, resources, food and meds.

Flowing through the base is a river with drinkable water and a fish trap near the shelter.

The difficulty is custom with Enemy Health, damage, armor, and aggression set to high. Starting season is Spring with default season length and long days. 

You can change the settings and what's on the the selves with a save editor here on nexus like SOTF Savegame Editor or SOTFEdit – Sons of the Forest Savegame Editor

Virginia is friendly and has a GPS marker on her. You have plenty of stuff in your inventory, but no story items or items you have to find (i.e. guns, 3D printed items, weapons, etc.) Your strength level is also at 45.

To Install, extract the zip file and place folder “0281759703” where the game stores your save files. Should be something like this:

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 10 April 2023 8:48AM | Original upload: 10 April 2023 8:48AM | Created by: AVEUM5635 | Uploaded by: Aveum5635 | Virus scan: Safe to use


Day One Starter Save

Location of Base Entrance (Purple), near helicopter crash site (Blue)

Beach Fort Entrance

Blue = Shelter, Purple = Armor Racks, Red = Storage Room



Armor Racks

Storage Room

Spikes surrounding the whole base

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