Stardew Valley

Care Bears

Adds care bear plushies as custom furniture or alternative textures


Just a small mill since I hate building the regular mill.

Keep In Touch

为农夫添加来自城市的各种对象的信件,增强与外界的联系感。Add mails from outside the Pelican Town, enhancing the connection with the outside world.

Helpfull Supporting Furniture – Multi Language Supported

Adds new Furniture to process materials and also produce Faster and more efficient Furnaces, Resource producing Buildings, automatic Fish breeding and more :)Supported in 5 Languages:English, German, France, Italian and Spanish

The Water Farm

Enjoy life as a farmer on a sunken farm full of islands with valuable resources.

Futan Axolotls

Small and large futan axolotl plushies in multiple colors

Gem Bushes

Adds bushes that give you gems during winter.