Sizou's Homemade houses Buildings

Sizou’s Homemade houses

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Little Shed for Solid Foundations Buildings

Little Shed for Solid Foundations

From the modder who brought you the Tiny Greenhouse, meet the Little Shed. Smaller and cheaper than the regular sheds, perfect for fitting in those awkward corners.
Sabrine's Cottage Buildings

Sabrine’s Cottage

Sabrine's Cottage is a unique and immersive mod for Stardew Valley that provides alternate textures for your farmhouse after every house upgrade. With this mod, you will experience a fresh look for your farmhouse with each upgrade, giving your game a refreshed aesthetic appeal.
Pokemon Hat Mouse Buildings

Pokemon Hat Mouse

Replaces the Hat Mouse in the Abandoned House with a Pikachu and changes the banner along with a few other Pokemon changes.
Wild Greenhouse Exterior Buildings

Wild Greenhouse Exterior

A set of greenhouse building skins for different seasons, times of day, and color palettes.
Cute Valley in Blue Buildings

Cute Valley in Blue

Recolors and retextures items, buildings, craftables, and weapons to be a delightful pastel blue and/or much cuter! Fixes and new additions to Rosalie's Cute Valley - Blue which I fell in love with, but has been broken for some time.