Custom NPC Uriell

Uriell has come to the valley, but isn't he a bit... Unpredictable? Is he a bastard? Or is he just a airhead? He is also not interested in exploring his supernatural heritage or go out on adventures at all! You might call it unambitious, but he is living his dream!

Haley Dog Girl – Town NPC

Endow dear Haley with cat ears and tail as she makes her life in the town. (Elegant shoes not included dear).

Marcy from Amphibia

Added Marcy from Amphibia to your game! How she got here is anyone's guess.

Onceler lewis with portraits

An edit of simbainspace's Once-lewis A Lewis Re-Texture into the Once-ler mod with portraits and the golden statue edited to match the other sprites

ChildhoodSweetheart Caroline – English

English translation(English version) of the mod ChildhoodSweetheart Caroline from SorkrimpReplace all files from original mod folderIf Caroline does not accept your bouquet or marriege proposal - just reload the day and try again