Robin Is Single Characters

Robin Is Single

Changes Robin's lore, and makes her single and datable.
Jane - Custom NPC Characters

Jane – Custom NPC

给星露谷物语增添一个自制npc,她是一个自宅警备员。Adds a new custom NPC to Stardew Valley.
Tomorrownight NPC - English Translation Characters

Tomorrownight NPC – English Translation

As you come to Pelican Town, you encountered a cat-like person who is shrouded by mystery. As you spend more time with this young cat, you begin to appreciate their gentle and charming qualities. Yet, despite this growing familiarity, their mysterious aura persists.
Childhood Sweetheart Caroline - English V2 Characters

Childhood Sweetheart Caroline – English V2

The previously uploaded English translation of this mod is okay, but it was a literal and direct translation. This new version provides a better translation, taking into account the context and the intended meaning. This translation is localized that uses better flow of language compared to the work done by Dimonchik2281337.
Romanceable Rasmodia - TR Characters

Romanceable Rasmodia – TR

Oyundaki Büyücü Rasmodius karakterini Cadı Rasmodia ile değiştiren. Ayrıca yeni sahneler, diyaloglar vs. ekleyen Romanceable Rasmodia modunun Türkçe Çevirisidir. Ve evet, sonunda Rasmodia ile evlenebilirsiniz!!
Improved Flor Sprites and Portraits Characters

Improved Flor Sprites and Portraits

Slightly improved already existing sprites of Flor from the community. Credits: Riverside Village Team, Raf (made all of the sprites for RSV, cool guy), SamuelVu (made slight improvements upon their sprite changes)
A More Interesting (Updated) Sam - ES Characters

A More Interesting (Updated) Sam – ES

Esta es la traducción del mod originalmente creado por NostalgicPoet de A More Interesting (Updated) Sam al español.Nuevos diálogos para cada temporada y nivel del corazón y expansiones planificadas en diálogos y eventos matrimoniales con Sam.
Young Marlon Characters

Young Marlon

these are Marlon's seasonal portraits and sprites, which make him young and handsome. By itself, this mod does nothing - it's just a folder with files. In general, I did it for the Seasonal Outfits - Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod, but there are other mods that replace character files.