Elliott Scottish Festival Regalia

Enjoy Stardew Valley with Elliott Scottish Festival Regalia, the mod that improves the game with more features. With Elliott Scottish Festival Regalia Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

This mod changes Elliott’s festival sprites to incorporate traditional Scottish regalia for 4 of 8 festivals. (Flower Dance, Moonlight Jellies, Stardew Valley Fair, and Feast of the Winter Star.)

Welcome to Elliott Scottish Festival Regalia!

This mod changes Elliott’s festival sprites to incorporate traditional Scottish regalia for 4 of 8 festivals (Flower Dance, Moonlight Jellies, Stardew Valley Fair, Feast of the Winter Star) as well as seasonal Tartan pattern pyjamas he’ll wear around the farm and farmhouse after you’re married. 

**This mod is compatible with Polterguister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mod**

Festival Regalia

Elliott’s festival regalia includes:
– Prince Charlie jacket and waistcoat (depending on the festival)
– Collared shirt, jabot, and pin (or Jacobite Ghille Shirt)
– Dress sporran and sporran strap (frontal pouch made of seal skin),
– Sgian-dubh (small knife kept in the sock)
– Kilt hose and flashes (socks and sock tassels)
– Kilt (+ pin),
– Brogues (lace-up shoes), and
– Fly plaid (a long strip of plaid matching the kilt pattern, worn over the
shoulder and fastened with a brooch)(depending on festival). 

Festival Tartan Patterns:
Flower Dance: “Clan Lockhart – Ancient” Tartan
Moonlight Jellies: “Reflections of the Sea” Tartan
Stardew Valley Fair: “Clan Lockhart – Reproduction” Tartan
Feast of the Winter Star: “Clan Lockhart – Modern” Tartan


After marriage, Elliott will wear various Tartan-patterned pyjamas around the farm and farmhouse from 6 AM to 7:30 AM and from 8:30 PM to 2:00 AM. He will change out of his pyjamas if he leaves the farm or if the farmer leaves the map and comes back after 7:30 AM. 

Elliott’s seasonal pyjamas feature:
–       Long pyjama pants in various Tartan patterns (seasonal)
–       Long sleeve Tartan pyjama top (seasonal,weather-base)
–       Slippers (seasonal)
–       Bathrobe (seasonal)

Pyjama Tartan Patterns:
Spring Pajamas: “Spring Morning” Tartan
Summer Pajamas: “Scottish Heather” Tartan
Fall Pajamas: “Scott Autumn” Tartan
Winter Pajamas: “Snowbird” Tartan


Mod Requirements 
–       SMAPI
–       Content Patcher

Mod Pairings (optional, but highly recommended)
-Elliott Scottish Wedding Kilt
-Elliott's Marriage Dialogue ReWritten- PG 13
-Dynamic Night Time 
Elliott Immersive Wedding

About this Mod

Scottish Tartan patterns are open to anyone regardless of their family, clan, or registry origin, but I wanted to pick patterns that would mean something personal and significant to Elliott as a character.

All three variations of the Clan Lockhart Tartan (Ancient, Reproduction, Modern) were chosen for festivals such as the Flower Dance,
Stardew Valley Fair and Feast of the Winter Star represent the close bond and connection he feels to his family and ancestors.

The “Reflections of the Sea” Tartan was chosen for the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies because of the pensive, reflective nature of the festival, and for the vibrant colours which matched the deep blue of the ocean and bioluminescence of the jellies.

The Tartan patterns for Elliott’s pyjamas were based on the seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and the various atmospheres and biomes these seasons foster (Spring Morning, Scottish Heather, Scott Fall, Snowbird). Of course, there are so many other Tartan patterns to choose from, and I may very well add in more seasonal pyjamas in later versions of this mod.

**PLEASE DON”T DOWNLOAD THIS MOD FROM SITES OTHER THAN NEXUSMODS!**NexusMods is the only website I've uploaded this Mod to. If you
see this mod on any other website(s), it has been uploaded by someone else without my permission. Please only upload this Mod from Nexus 🙂 Thank you!

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

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Elliott Festival Kilts

Elliott Festival Kilt Portraits

Elliott Tartan Pajama Portraits

Elliott Tartan Kilts and Pajama Sprites

Elliott Flower Dance Regalia

Elliott Flower Dance Regalia

Elliott Moonlight Jellies Regalia

Elliott Moonlight Jellies Regalia

Elliott Moonlight Jellies Regalia

Elliott Stardew Valley Fair Regalia

Elliott Feast of the Winter Star Regalia

Elliott Fall Pajamas

Elliott Fall Pajamas - Farm

Elliott Farm Pajamas - Heart Event

Elliott Winter Pajamas

Elliott Winter Pajamas - Farm

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