Emet-Selch – Custom NPC (beta)

Enjoy Stardew Valley with Emet-Selch – Custom NPC (beta), the mod that improves the game with more features. With Emet-Selch – Custom NPC (beta) Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Adds Emet-Selch from Final Fantasy XIV as a new romanceable NPC with two appearance options, a new location, heart events, and dialogue. Contains Endwalker spoilers.

First off, I want to both acknowledge and heartily recommend Pumpkinium's Stardew Emet-Selch mod! It’s an excellent mod with delightful writing, tons of content, a lot of polish, and was much of the inspiration for this mod. This mod aims to do something different; if you'd like an Emet-Selch that's a little bit sadder and meaner, here you go! Or, just have both–this mod adds him as a new NPC rather than a Wizard edit expressly for that purpose–though that does mean you’ll have two versions of him walking around with very different AU lore. Perfect for resolving fights in multiplayer, or if you just can’t get enough of this weird old dude.

 Second off!
This mod was written with the idea that certain events would be required before proposing
For the intended experience, I recommend holding off on proposing until you’ve seen all 10-heart events!

Otherwise, there may be significant inconsistencies in events and dialogue, as his treatment of the player is closely tied to the story! And I only discovered quite late that I had no idea how to make events required for marriage in a Content Patcher mod. If you’re unsure/are having trouble triggering events, there’s a cheat sheet for event conditions at the bottom of the page. (And if you happen to know how to make events required for marriage in a content patcher mod… do let me know. I'm aware of the roommate workaround, but decided against it so he would have normal married interactions. Kisses are essential.) Releasing this as a beta for now, so this is subject to change!


  • Adds Emet-Selch as a new romanceable NPC, complete with his own schedule, spouse room, patio, and a lot of dialogue. Talk to him and learn about his history, weather his complaining, and get him to tolerate your presence(and maybe more)! His characterization here is drawn from both Shadowbringers and Endwalker, including details from both.
  • 11 heart events, with his own little overarching plotline 🙂
  • Two appearance options for Emet-Selch: Solus and Hades.
  • New area, unlockable by a little puzzle quest! Quest is designed to be complete-able early in a save file.
  • Optional generic dialogue replacement, for more in-character relationship and spouse dialogue. (Enabled by default.)

Future Plans?
– SMAPI mod portion, to make marriage require certain events
– 14-heart event
NPC Map Locations compatibility
– Feel free to suggest more!

I assume I'll be addressing bug fixes in the immediate future, though. Do let me know if you encounter any typos, bugs, or odd behavior! Feedback and suggestions are also welcome.


Your standard Content Patcher mod, unzip and place ‘[CP] Emet-Selch – Custom NPC' folder in Stardew Valley/Mods.


+ Works with Pumpkinium's Emet-Selch Mod. (Note: By default, both replace generic relationship/marriage dialogue. Probably best to only enable one to do so at a time, depending on which you date. )
+ Should not conflict with any recolor/foliage mods, and use updated outdoor tilesheets for new maps
Possible conflict with mods that edit the Backwoods (path north of the farm) map, or NE area of bus stop.
?Not tested extensively on multiplayer. Let me know if anything breaks!
? Not thoroughly tested on SVE. Bugs are possible with events and schedules; please report them! If it's a simple fix, I'll implement it. (may more thoroughly edit event scenes later to prevent clipping through SVE map edits. At the moment, I am just fixing events that stop altogether due to collisions.)
Known Issues

– Installing on a pre-existing file results in the path to the new area being partially blocked by a bush, due to how map generation works. It's still passable, just not by horse.


howlinglynx – environment design work and testing
3 spriggans in a trench coat – beta'ing the writing, plot, and events

Gift Tastes


Love:   Wine, Cloth, Solar Essence, Pomegranate, Triple espresso. All universal loves(except for Magic Rock Candy).
Like:     Artifact Trove, Quartz,  Refined Quartz, Cinder Shard, Daffodil, Void Essence, Truffle, all minerals, all fruits(except Pomegranate).
Neutral:       Geode, Frozen Geode, Magma Geode, Omni Geode.
Dislike:Clam,  Magic Rock Candy, Universal Dislikes(except minerals).
Hate:   Dinosaur Mayonnaise, Dandelion, Universal Hates.

Event Guide

Unlock Quest:


  • Unlock-1: [Mine] after day 5
  • Unlock-2: [ Mountain]4pm – 2 am, after day 5. [Optional, just a hint event.]
  • Unlock-3: [Backwoods] 1 quartz in inventory, Required: Unlock-1.

Heart Events:


0     [His map] Enter new area N of Backwoods, available the day after seeing Unlock-3

2-1  [His house] he's home, two hearts.

2-2  [Mine]6am – 6pm, two hearts.

4     [Town]9am – 5pm, clear weather, 4 hearts. Required: events 2-1 and 2-2

6     [His map]9am – 2 am, rainy/snowy weather, 6 hearts.Required: event 4

7     [Mountain]9am – 5pm, seven hearts, one empty inventory slot. Required: event 4

8     [Mine] 6am – 9pm, eight hearts. Required: events 6 and 7

9     [Mine]9pm – 2am, nine hearts. Required: event 8

10-1        [His house]8am- 2am, ten hearts. Required: event 9

10-2        [Mountain]At least 7 days after event 10-1 Required: event 10-1

10-3        [His map] Required: 10-2.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 12 March 2023 9:12PM | Original upload: 05 March 2023 5:42AM | Created by: visorlights | Uploaded by: visorlights | Virus scan: Safe to use


Emet-Selch - Custom NPC (beta) Characters

Emet-Selch - Custom NPC (beta) Characters

Emet-Selch - Custom NPC (beta) Characters

Emet-Selch - Custom NPC (beta) Characters

Emet-Selch - Custom NPC (beta) Characters

Emet-Selch - Custom NPC (beta) Characters

Emet-Selch - Custom NPC (beta) Characters

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