The Last Smoluanu – A Dwarf Expansion.

Enjoy Stardew Valley with The Last Smoluanu – A Dwarf Expansion., the mod that improves the game with more features. With The Last Smoluanu – A Dwarf Expansion. Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Expanding on the character and lore of Dwarf, the lonely demihuman keeping shop in Pelican Town's mine. Adds dialogue, events, and a special roommate “proposal” item so this mischievous little gremlin can come live with you.

The last of the smoluanu resides alone, in the gateway to the mine.
But are they truly the last?

This expansion adds dialogue and events to Dwarf, delving deeper into their personality, and the secrets of their kin:

  • What started the elemental wars?
  • Will they ever meet another of their kin?
  • Do they really come from space?
  • Will Dwarf and Krobus keep the Seal of Promise?

At ten hearts, you can discover a smoluanu tradition, learn a crafting recipe, and invite Dwarf to come and live with you.
But do you want them near your stuff?
(They are quite the kleptomaniac… and probably not the most reliable babysitter)


  • Heart events for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 14 hearts.
  • Refurbishes Dwarf's cave (if Jasper, Delotti's Mine or SVR2 are NOT installed).
  • Further expansion on the rivalry between Krobus and Dwarf.
  • Dwarf discovers more about their past.
  • 60+ new lines of dialogue
  • Full room-mate dialogue and hugging sprites.
  • A craftable “room-mate proposal” item (sprites by Taiyo – it's gorgeous!)
  • Dwarf-relevant events from Jasper have been added to this, for players who do not have Jasper installed.
  • Currently if Dwarf lives with you, you can still purchase from their shop if Shop Tile Framework is installed.


  • Professor Jasper Thomas: Jasper's theories on the smoluanu made him the laughing stock of his peers… but perhaps they hold some truth? Exclusive content with this mod installed.
  • Free Love: Allows you to have both a spouse and a room-mate (or two room-mates if you want Krobus and Dwarf together).
  • Dwarf Portrait Mod: A gorgeous portrait made by LavenderSkelly: set the portraits to “Emotions” for a fuller experience (Seen in some screenshots).
  • A Cleaner Sewer: Gives Krobus's home a more natural look. Note that a temporary version of this map is utilized in The Last Smoluanu? Whilst it will not effect game play, your experience will be more immersive if you have this version installed. Due to limited tilesheets and the nature of the event, I cannot make a version that is 100% vanilla compatible.
  • Smoluanu Recipes: Adds the recipes that Dwarf talks about to the game, so you can cook some of their favorites.
  • Custom Gift Dialogue Utility: Dwarf will respond differently to what you gift them.


  • Compatible with Expanded, Ridgeside (the two don't overlap), Reimagined 3, and most other mods, including ALL of mine.
  • Compatible with Delloti's Mine.
  • Should be functionally fine with End of the Feud and More Krobus, but don't expect story arcs to align perfectly.
  • If you live on Grandpa's Farm, you will be given a prompt to trigger the Spirit's Eve event. If you don't follow the (very clear) instructions, you will need to wait an entire year before you can trigger it. Weirdness may occur with other Farm maps that move the farmhouse. If you are using such a map, please let me know so I can add it to the fix.
  • Not compatible with Haywrites Monster Pack, or other mods that edit Dwarf's dialogue.
  • Not compatible with any mods that edit the overworld Dwarf sprite: as this mod uses exclusive custom sprites. (But sprite makers are welcome to make a compatibility patch).


  • More events if you are married to Jasper, have Dwarf as a roommate, and have NPC kids with Jasper (through Little NPCs).
  • Multiple “Spouse” dialogue for if you are living with Jasper & Dwarf or Dwarf & Krobus (or Dwarf, Krobus & Jasper)
  • If 1.6 allows it, Dwarf will be given a schedule.
  • Better implementation of Dwarf's shop (for 1.6 release)
  • New recipes

This mod expands on canon Smoluanu lore, and as such may vary from that detailed in other mods, or personal head canons.
The lore of my mods (nicknamed ‘the Lemurverse') is internally consistent.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 07 March 2023 4:43AM | Original upload: 05 March 2023 8:02PM | Created by: LemurKat | Uploaded by: lemurkat | Virus scan: Safe to use


The Last Smoluanu - A Dwarf Expansion. Characters

The Last Smoluanu - A Dwarf Expansion. Characters

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