(CP) Un-nerfed Crop Value Crops

(CP) Un-nerfed Crop Value

Increases value of Starfruit, Ancient Fruit, Blueberry, and Cranberries to what it was before the 1.1 update.
Joja Berries Crops

Joja Berries

Joja's experimental berry crop ended up in the wild after the research lab was destroyed in an accident.
(AT) Giant Flower Varity Crops

(AT) Giant Flower Varity

A simple Alternative Texture pack for Neo's Giant Flowers to allow for all the colors of flowers~
Huckleberry Season Crops

Huckleberry Season

Adds huckleberries to the valley in mid-summer. Requires Bush Bloom Mod and Json Assets
Monstera crop for JA Crops

Monstera crop for JA

Adds in monstera as a crop. You plant the nodes (seeds) and watch her grow! When she's ready to harvest she'll give you "Monstera cuttings" which will be used as a crafting resource in a future mod.
(JA) Geranium Flower Crops

(JA) Geranium Flower

Adds a pink geranium flower to the game. More types of geraniums are planned to be added.
Grapes of Ferngill - Chinese translation Crops

Grapes of Ferngill – Chinese translation

Fruit Rebalance Crops

Fruit Rebalance

Changes the prices of fruit grown from fruit trees to make fruit trees more viable.