Clint Rewritten

Rewrites Clint's dialogue to be less weird toward both the player and Emily and making him slightly more well-adjusted.

Immersive Joja Story

Makes villagers react to Joja's improvement projects in the town, for a much more immersive Joja playthrough.

Joja Immersion Bonus Pack

Adds some lines for the kids, including optional joke dialog. Additionally, includes a small side plot about Sebastian, who is dismayed to find his mod for Solarion Chronicles: Online has been plagiarized in an insulting fashion.

Yandere Elliott Dialogue Expansion espanol

Traducción al español de Yandere Elliott Mod de KatherineC4. ¡Este mod convierte a Elliott en un yandere! Incluye diálogo adicional, correo y eventos para cada estado de relación.

Dating Haley

This content patcher mod adds a number of events while dating Haley.(Já traduzido para português) - Este MOD inclui vários eventos que aparecem enquanto você estiver namorando a Haley.