More Penny Heart Events Events

More Penny Heart Events

This mod aims to add more depth to the character Penny. There are 4 additional heart events with 6 more in the works. I try to keep this mod lore/stardew friendly -> looking to flesh out Penny's already established traits like: teaching, reading, cooking, wanting to have a own family, her financial troubles, growing up without a father, Pam, etc
Alecto the Witch - Spanish Events

Alecto the Witch – Spanish

Traducción de Alecto the Witch (1.1.6). Versión de Zoedoll de la ex mujer del mago. ¡NPC completo con eventos, diálogo y horario de salida de su cabaña!
The Wizard's new Robes Events

The Wizard’s new Robes

Giving the wizard robes that are more in keeping with 'divorced guy who never leaves his home'
Fireworks Festival - Spanish Events

Fireworks Festival – Spanish

Traducción de 'Fireworks Festival' (1.2.0). Añade un festival de fuegos artificiales de verano y fuegos artificiales artesanales.
More Spouse Events Events

More Spouse Events

For now this mod only adds one additional spouse event for Alex since it is my first mod and I am still getting the hang of it. However I plan on adding at least 1 additional event for all of the marriage candidates. If you have any feedback or would like to ask for a specific candidate next let me know.
Mobile Phone - TR Events

Mobile Phone – TR

Size, sohbet etmek veya eski etkinlikleri tekrar oynatmak için arkadaşlarınızı aramanızı ve onların sizi arayabildiği özelleştirilebilir bir cep telefonu veren Mobile Phone modunun Türkçe Çevirisidir.
Date Night on Russian Events

Date Night on Russian

Ходите на свидания со своим супругом или супругой! Вы когда-нибудь чувствовали, что через некоторое время ваш брак наскучивает вам? Этот мод добавляет повторяющиеся свидания, чтобы попытатьс