JA Wooloos Additions Expansions

JA Wooloos Additions

VERY WIP this mod plans to add more crops, npcs, swords, and more from videogames including zelda, moshi monsters, dragon city, etc.
Clint Mass Shop Expansion Expansions

Clint Mass Shop Expansion

You can buy bars, clay, minerals, geodes, geode minerals, gems, and iridium ore now at Clint's Shop.
Life Cycle-Chinese Expansions

Life Cycle-Chinese

Forage of Ferngill - Chinese translation Expansions

Forage of Ferngill – Chinese translation

Romantic love letters Expansions

Romantic love letters

With this mod, NPCs will respond to your friendship (love) in the form of love letters. The content of the letter changes with the season, and there will also be invitation letters from NPCs the day before the festivals.
Welcome to Mineral Town - on Russian Expansions

Welcome to Mineral Town – on Russian

Добро пожаловать в мир и персонажей, которые вдохновили не только Stardew Valley, но и поклонников фарм-симуляторов в целом. С персонажами, как знакомыми, так и совершенно новыми, расширяйте свой кру