Natural Aquarium Project – Freshwater Additions

Enjoy Stardew Valley with Natural Aquarium Project – Freshwater Additions, the mod that improves the game with more features. With Natural Aquarium Project – Freshwater Additions Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Adds 120 new, unique freshwater creatures and their matching tank animations for you to fish and trap for.

Adds 120 new, unique freshwater creatures and their matching tank animations for you to fish and trap for.  Weighted towards Ginger Island / late-game as I tried to stick a lot of the tropical creatures over there. While every critter is based on a real one, a lot of creative liberty was taken in some of the naming schemes, because goodness that got tricky. Also, some of these DO NOT make good aquarium pets once full grown – always do your research IRL. But this is stardew, so they stay tiny and cute.

Almost every map in SDV spawns the new fish (SVE expansion is in the works for the future), with unique creatures for every biome and season. Many of the fish are also used in other various crafting recipes in Wild Greenhouse Furniture 🙂 

See exactly when and where to find each item in the SDV Natural Aquarium and Terrarium Project Item Masterlist Spreadsheet, or have fun exploring. In general, you'll find koi in the mountain lakes, different goldfish in the town and forest river portions, bettas and other surface-breathers in the woods pond, guppies in cindersap pond, old world hard-water fish in the desert oasis, and new world cichlids / Amazonian fish on Ginger Island.

This is the last installment in the series for the foreseeable future, and the all-in-one version will be available soon, after I do some additions/cleanup to older mods in the set.

If you're looking for a similar mod in a more vanilla style, I cannot recommend More New Fish highly enough. These are more toned down and match better with my Fish Reskin or Cometkin's set


Potential Issues:

If you run another mod that adds a ton of fish like More New Fish, you should proabably download the compatibility version on the ‘files' page instead of the default one. It's a little clunky with the naming (it just adds the prefix “Freshwater” to all the items), but it should work with most or all new fish added by other mods. 

This mod adds a LOT of items, is in no way guaranteed to be balanced, and may make completing quests or challenges more difficult or impossible to complete (use CJB item spawner to complete collections, if desired).

This mod also bypasses json assets and fixes the items to ID #s directly (mostly for ease of data editing – I might migrate them to JA or DGA once it’s all dialed in), which means that objects will never be subject to the ‘shuffle’, but also that any other mod fixing objects to the same spot will be in conflict, and may cause items to disappear. Please report conflicts if you find any so I can list them 🙂

May have issues with Mineral Town, since that was reported in another set and these objects are fixed close by.


Full Natural Aquarium and Terrarium Mod Set & My Companion Mods

Fish Tank Reskin and Terrarium Conversion – adds a variety of configurable skins for all fish tanks – use with Bubble Toggle for terrariums!
Fish Reskin – reskins existing fish and animations
Saltwater Additions – adds 72 new ocean creatures
Critter Reskin – reskins existing environment animals and adds foragable versions with tank animations
Critter Additions – 96 new tank occupants 
Random Decoration Reskin – new skins and tank animations for select objects
Decoration Additions – 120 new tank decorations
Beetle World Compat – Stick your beetles in tanks!
Succulent Compat – Stick your succulents in tanks!

Complete Collection coming soon

Bubble Toggle – lets you toggle every tank's bubbles individually
Koi Ponds and Tide Pools – adds new floor-oriented fish tanks 
Custom Flying Critters – Adds moths, hummingbirds, dragonflies, bees, and ladybugs to the environment using Custom Critters
Wild Greenhouse Furniture & Crafting Add-On – lots of nature-themed furniture, including some featuring and crafted using these critters

Natural Fish Tank Wallpapers – These wallpapers match the backgrounds in the fish tank reskin for aquarium-themed rooms
Natural Patterned Wallpapers – Some nature-themed wallpapers featuring sprites from this set

Flora and Fauna Animated Cabin Skins – Some brick building skins with pet/fish shop style windows
Flora and Fauna Animated Shed Skins – Some brick building skins with pet/fish shop style windows

Recommended Companion Mods by Others:

Visible Fish – see catchable fish in the water
Increased Fish Tank Capacity – lets you add more critters/fish/decorations to each tank

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 14 April 2023 7:11AM | Original upload: 13 April 2023 11:25PM | Created by: StarAmy | Uploaded by: StarAmy | Virus scan: Safe to use


Natural Aquarium Project - Freshwater Additions Fishing

Natural Aquarium Project - Freshwater Additions Fishing

Natural Aquarium Project - Freshwater Additions Fishing

Natural Aquarium Project - Freshwater Additions Fishing

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