CFair-conditioning Furniture


This is an air-conditioning.You can put it in you house.It's an air-conditioned furniture from an anime.This anime allows for second creation.This mod is my first creation.I didn't find any bugs when using mod.If you encounter a bug while using it, you can give me feedback.But you may have to wait a bit longer because I'm at school.Thank you!
Pink Walls Furniture

Pink Walls

The walls and floors of a very girlish heart.
Pink Fish Tanks Furniture

Pink Fish Tanks

Adds pink variants of the fish tanks to alternative textures
Care Bears Furniture

Care Bears

Adds care bear plushies as custom furniture or alternative textures
Helpfull Supporting Furniture - Multi Language Supported Furniture

Helpfull Supporting Furniture – Multi Language Supported

Adds new Furniture to process materials and also produce Faster and more efficient Furnaces, Resource producing Buildings, automatic Fish breeding and more :)Supported in 5 Languages:English, German, France, Italian and Spanish