Gameplay Mechanics

Escambo Gameplay Mechanics


Altera a mecânica das lojas do Stardew Valley para trocas
Better Junimos - Francais Gameplay Mechanics

Better Junimos – Francais

Améliore significativement les Junimos : ils peuvent dorénavant planter les graines, mettre de l'engrais, travailler pour un salaire, ont une portée améliorée, travailler dans la serre, et bien plus encore !
Sandy to NPC Adventures Gameplay Mechanics

Sandy to NPC Adventures

Bring Sandy the desert shopkeep on an adventure! Adds Sandy to the stable and beta versions of NPC Adventures.
Instant Load Gameplay Mechanics

Instant Load

Instantly loads your last save or hostfarm and can execute commands on startup
Survivalistic Addon files Gameplay Mechanics

Survivalistic Addon files

Lots of database files for several mods that add food to make them compatible with the Survivalistic Mod by Ophaneom:
Price Buffs Gameplay Mechanics

Price Buffs

Mostly buffs the sell prices of underpowered items.
New Skill - Archaeology - TR Gameplay Mechanics

New Skill – Archaeology – TR

Madende kazı yaparken bulduğunuz eserleri çöpe atmak veya ucuz fiyatlara satmak biraz moral bozucu olabiliyor, değil mi? Artık yeni Arkeoloji yeteneğiniz sayesinde bulduğunuz eserleri işleyebildiğiniz, cevhere dönüştürebildiğiniz ve daha uygun fiyatlara satabildiğiniz Archaeology Modunun Türkçe Çevirisidir.
ReRemixed Bundles Gameplay Mechanics

ReRemixed Bundles

Extend the Remixed Bundles added by 1.5 out to what it should have been. More possible bundles, more options within existing bundles.
StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics


Archipelago Randomizer for Stardew Valley!Archipelago is a multiworld multi-game randomizer that shuffles items and unlocks from the games of an unlimited number of players, into each other's worlds.
Set Reminders Mod Gameplay Mechanics

Set Reminders Mod

With this mod you can have ingame notifications that appear on your selected year, season, day and on a specific time. You also have the option to make the notification repeatable like for example yearly, seasonally, weekly, daily. Simply open the mod via 'R' key (can be changed) or by browsing the generic mod menu
Decreased Grape Price Gameplay Mechanics

Decreased Grape Price

Makes default grape forage item cost 10g for balance purposes when using Grape Bushes mod
Purist Mod Gameplay Mechanics

Purist Mod

Provides the ultimate experience in Stardew Valley purity by preserving 100% vanilla game functionality.
Napalm Mummies Gameplay Mechanics

Napalm Mummies

Causes the napalm ring to instantly kill downed mummies.