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Mod Description

Mostly buffs the sell prices of underpowered items.

In this mod, I take a “bring up the weak ones” approach to price balancing.

Aside from Community Center bundles and Perfection, the Coop as a whole, Crab Pots, most crops in the entire game, gems and minerals, and most cooked items, have almost no purpose if you are trying to optimize. This mod heavily buffs these things to the point they compete with the presently best options.

Effort is considered in these buffs. A trellis crop or a one-time crop is harder to work with than a non-trellis, regrowing crop. Cooking with ingredients made in different seasons and sometimes including fish takes time and effort. Additional multipliers were placed for effort required.

An Italian countryside vineyard flowing with Tomatoes, Wheat, Grapes, for your homemade Ravioli, Wine, and Pizza, would not just be a fun thing to do,
but also viable!

The beginning and endgame loops were not touched. Parsnips and Potatoes have the same price, as do Ancient Fruit, Diamonds, and Truffles.

For a breakdown of what was buffed, I have a list below, however you may be best off just downloading the mod and looking at the file, which is commented. All assumptions are made with optimal calculations/professions/relationship.


Cauliflower/Melons/Pumpkins were buffed, since they are one-time crops. Melons are worth more than Cauliflower, and Pumpkins are worth more than Melons, to allow for the year 1 gameplay loop to play out. Another factor that balances Pumpkins having higher sell price than Melons is that Pumpkins cannot make Wine.

Vegetables in general, rather than having their base price buffed, have had their cooked item prices buffed. Every vegetable should have an endgame viable recipe that allows you to grow it with the intent to cook for good profits. Fruits, I wasn't as worried about, because they make Wine, so most fruit recipes are not touched. Most recipes that give a good buff weren't touched either.

The best fruits – Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, Pineapple, Ancient Fruit, Star Fruit – were not touched. This means that Ancient Fruits are still the best ultra lategame option, but you shouldn't feel as forced to use them.

All tree fruits were made to sell for 300g. They are functionally identical, so I never understood why they were priced differently.

Finally, the prices of Sugar and Green Tea were also significantly increased to enable Beets and Tea Leaves as viable farm options.

Barn Animals

Pigs – I reckoned that they make about 2000g per day. This is considering 2.5 Truffles per Pig per day, for 75% of the year, then rounding down to 2,000 to account for rain days. This is selling the Truffles without making Oil, because I didn't want to highball the buffs to follow even more. Truffles/Truffle Oil were unchanged.

Sheep – Cloth should profit you, with Shepherd and chance for double included, about 1500g per day. Wool is less of a pain than Truffles to gather, though you still have to make it into Cloth, because the base price of Wool was not increased much. Not having Artisan as a profession is also a big tradeoff, so those with Sheep pretty much have to specialize in it.

Goat – Goat milk, after processing, should profit you about 1000g per day. It requires half the machines of Wool, and allows you to use Artisan profession, as well Cask them to higher quality if you like. It is less profitable and more passive than Pigs. A goat herder should do fine.

Ostrich – Egg price was massively buffed without touching base Mayo. If you just sell the weekly egg you get, you should make on average about 820g per day. The most passive and least profitable barn animal. Except for…

Cow – Vanilla price of Milk and Cheese were not touched. This was both to facilitate the vanilla gameplay loop, and because Cow Milk/Cheese are already the best for cooking recipes and food (for health/energy restoration), giving them a niche.

Coop Animals

Duck – With Artisan, they should make an average of about 880g per day. Both their Mayo and Duck Feather sell prices were massively increased. If you're very lucky, you could easily make more than this, because the Duck Feathers in particular are worth a lot. In a way, they are a gambler's animal, with a still solid base profit. While the top end of the Coop remains less than the Barn, it is not by such a wide margin. Everything, of course, costs less to start up in the Coop, and it has a smaller footprint on the farm. You could say in a way, that the Coop caps out at these slightly weaker, yet prettier, Goats.

– The Cloth price increase helps them, and I also increased the price of Rabbits Foot. They should make about 750g per day if you sold everything, which is not bad at all, despite not being the best money makers. However, personally I have a barn full of them to get easy loved gifts in Rabbits Foot, and sporadic Cloth for personal use of making clothes rather than selling. They are a great utility animal that can make money if you get extra.

Dinosaur – Mayo price was massively increased, they will make exactly 660g per day. The Ostrich of the Coop.

Chicken – Vanilla price of Eggs and Mayo were not touched. The Cow of the Coop.

Void Chicken – Halfway between a Dinosaur and a Chicken. You get the benefit of daily Eggs for recipes, but their base eggs also sell for an average of about 500g. They are strictly better than regular chickens for profit in this mod, which I didn't see any easy way to get around. The price of Void Mayo was not touched, so it should only be made for cooking/quests/etc.

Gold Chicken – I didn't touch them. Mostly just an irrelevant fun thing you get when money no longer matters.

Crab Pots

Like vegetables, Crab Pot fish have had their recipes buffed, instead of their base price.


Just about every mineral has had its sell price increased 3x, to make a mining focus more lucrative. Diamonds remain the same. Crystalarium timings for non-Diamond minerals were increased so that Diamonds are still the best thing to put in a Crystalarium.

Utility minerals like Jade and Quartz have similar Crystalarium times and prices to vanilla.

What this means is that you will notice the effects of these buffs mostly after a long trip in the Mines/Skull Cavern/Volcano. I haven't done the exact math, but if you bring back 50 Omni Geodes from a good Skull Caverns trip, and they are worth 800g on a mineral pop, and you get a mineral half the time, that would be 20,000g, plus whatever gems you found out of the rocks/on the ground.


The sell price of resins was significantly increased. Maybe you want to go Tapper profession and make a full tree farm? I won't judge you. For the space, they are still worse than Diamond Crystalariums, because they require less materials to get going

In Closing

This is a balance mod that touches just about every aspect of Stardew Valley's profit makers. I have played through a near-perfection save with the values and they felt good, however I did change things along the way which made it more difficult to understand. If you find any massive imbalance, please let me know in the comments.

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 08 April 2023 8:21PM | Original upload: 08 April 2023 7:35PM | Created by: Bennoloth | Uploaded by: Bennoloth | Virus scan: Safe to use


Price Buffs Gameplay Mechanics

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