Enjoy Stardew Valley with StardewArchipelago, the mod that improves the game with more features. With StardewArchipelago Stardew Valley Mod, you can change your gameplay to match your style. Follow our detailed guide below to know how to install and use it.

Mod Description

Archipelago Randomizer for Stardew Valley!

Archipelago is a multiworld multi-game randomizer that shuffles items and unlocks from the games of an unlimited number of players, into each other's worlds.

StardewArchipelago is an implementation of Stardew Valley for Archipelago.

Archipelago is a multiworld multi-game randomizer. It is a cross-game modification system which randomizes different games, then uses the result to build a single unified multi-player game. Items from one game may be present in another, and you will need your fellow players to find items you need in their games to help you complete your own.

More information on the Archipelago Ecosystem

This mod allows Stardew Valley players to take part in the adventure!

A Stardew Valley seed allows the player to choose from a large selection of goals:

  • Completing the Community Center
  • Succeeding Grandpa's Evaluation with 4 lit candles
  • Reaching the bottom of the Pelican Town Mineshaft
  • Completing the “Cryptic Note” quest, by meeting Mr Qi on floor 100 of the Skull Cavern
  • Getting the achievement “Master Angler”, which requires catching every fish in the game

Objectives that will contain randomized multiworld items:

  • Community Center Bundles
  • Mineshaft chest rewards
  • Story Quests
  • Traveling Merchant Items
  • Isolated objectives such as the beach bridge, Old Master Cannoli, Grim Reaper Statue, etc

Furthermore, the player can customize their experience by adding, optionally, the following objectives as well:

  • Tools and Fishing Rod Upgrades
  • Carpenter Buildings
  • Backpack Upgrades
  • Mine elevator levels
  • Skill Levels
  • Arcade Machines
  • Help Wanted quests
  • Fishsanity: Catching individual fish

The Multiworld will contain rewards for the Stardew Valley player that are equivalent to every objective that they have randomized in their world.

The Following items have also been added to the item pool, for Quality of Life and streamlining of the Archipelago Experience:

  • Wizard Buildings
  • Return Scepter

Some brand new, custom modded items are also shuffled into the item pool:

  • Arcade Machine buffs (Only if the arcade machines are randomized)
  • Journey of the Prairie King has drop rate increases, extra lives, and equipment
  • Junimo Kart has extra lives.
  • Permanent Movement Speed Bonuses (customizable)
  • Permanent Luck Bonuses (customizable)
  • Traveling Merchant buffs

Other features that will impact gameplay, but are not items being shuffled into the multiworld

  • Entrance Randomizer
  • Gifting items to other worlds
  • Minor rebalances of some game mechanics
Installation Guide
Future Versions

The official released version of Stardew Archipelago is version 2.
Version 3 already exists as a pre-release, and can be played using a bit of technical ability. Instructions can be found on Archipelago Discord Server

Version 3 includes features such as:
Seasons Randomizer, Seeds Randomizer, Museumsanity, Friendsanity, 2 new goals, and several quality of life improvements

Version 4 is currently being worked on, and suggestions are still welcome!


Local (several players on the same farm) Multiplayer is not supported at this time. The intended Archipelago experience is cross-world multiplayer. In the case of Stardew, this means having several players on their own Stardew Valley Farm.

You can use the in-game chat to talk with other players even in different games entirely, as long as their game also supports chatting.
You can gift item to and from other Stardew Valley players through the mail system.

Other Mods

While you can use other mods with StardewArchipelago, it has not been designed using other mod support in mind.
Small, Quality of Life mods are usually welcome, while Big overhaul mods that interact directly with the same game elements as StardewArchipelago can cause conflicts and bugs.

If a problem arises, it is usually easy to disable the conflicting mod and continue playing.


Kaito Kid – Creating the StardewArchipelago Mod
Jouramie – Implementing the Archipelago Server-side world for Stardew Valley
Berserker and the rest of the Archipelago team – Creating Archipelago and making this experience possible
The Archipelago Community – Suggestions, feedback, and numerous Beta Tests

StardewArchipelago Mod – Includes Pre-releases for newer versions!

Archipelago Backend – Includes APWorld releases to use pre-release versions of the mod!
Make sure you join the Archipelago Discord Server for instructions on how to play on pre-released versions!

MOD Download


MediaFire, Mega, GoFile, GGdrive… Coming soon.

File information

Last updated: 03 April 2023 9:46PM | Original upload: 01 April 2023 1:58AM | Created by: Kaito Kid | Uploaded by: ThatKaito | Virus scan: Safe to use


StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

StardewArchipelago Gameplay Mechanics

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